Book Review: I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga (Jasper Dent#1)

7766027Book: I Hunt Killers (Jasper Dent#1)

Author: Barry Lyga

Plot:  Jasper Dent’s father is world’s most dangerous serial killer and his idea of taking his son to work was making him an assistant in many of his murder stints. But now that his father is in jail, he has to struggle with people’s fear and repulsion towards his family and father. To make matters worse there is a series of murders that is following the same path as of his dad’s.Trying to overrun everything that his psychotic dad had ever taught him, he has to set himself and the truth free.

Ratings: 5/5


What if the world’s most notorious serial killer…… was your dad?

probably ask my mom ” what were you thinking?”

This is like Dexter on papers. ( who Dexter? That creepy guy from the show “Dexter” who has this weird obsession for blood…yup that one) . Technically our main protagonist and the entire plot are quite different from the show and the character but the creepiness and the spooky factor is spot on.

plot is extremely different. Concept is fresh, interesting and quite intriguing. The language is also an added advantage. The character especially the main character shows a well developed effort but at times it is also one of the negative aspects. The flow is mediocre but the underlying chilliness to the book makes it totally impressive

The book deals with the psychology of a teenager who has been raised by a father known as the worst serial killer of all times. Sometimes the details and the in depth analysis are too realistic that I wonder what kind of research must have gone into the creation of this book (on second thought….never mind…I m happy not knowing what went into research)

Imagine Hannibal Lector as your father. At one end he is this learned and intellectual person but on the other hand he is this savage who would eat you raw for breakfast. (maybe with some fava beans and a nice chianti). I can’t dare imagining what it would be like bringing a red inked progress report to him or even telling him that I scratched his car. (and I thought my dad yelling at me for denting his car was a psycho killer behavior)

The central character clearly has been given a lot of thought by the author and maybe a little too much. His thinking and psyche has been brought out perfectly but at the same time it goes too detailed that there is too much internal conflict and conversations going on in the book and at times halting the book a bit. I get it you have got issues and a disturbing past…but for the love of god, will you shut up and stop whining Have the Lambs stopped screaming? (No ? ..never mind…I will come back later, when they do)

The book is fantastic with a fresh new concept and a thrilling story. The pace is good, not fast but just enough to keep you glued. Except for a bit whining in between, this book is fabulous with a tint of darkness, gory, creepy and all serial killer attributes. ENJOY


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