Book Review: Drop Dead Demons by A&E Kirk (The Divinicus Nex Chronicles#2)

Book: Drop Dead Demons (The Divinicus Nex Chronicles#2)

Author: A&E Kirk

Plot: Aurora is being hunted by every demons out there in the world and while she is yet to discover the full potential of being a Divinicus Nex, she has to also keep it a secret so as to keep herself and her family safe and even if it means hiding it from Ayden, her love and the other Hex boys who are the only people that can protect her. How far can secrets go when the world is crumbling at rapid speed.

Rating: 5 of 5 stars

well now I know what they mean by “laughing your buttocks away”(yeah I like keeping my bottoms English)

For days there had been reports of sounds coming from my room, muffled giggles, erratic villainous laughs, howls and even battle cries like “oh my god and ”shit”. Things worsened when the same thing was reported by the colleagues in my office as well. For the fear of finally seeing their daughter behind a physiatrist ward, much to the joy of my arch nemesis aka sister, my parents conducted an intervention ( read barging into my room , shouting at the top of their voice ) asking whether I was on some kind of drugs. It was only later that they realized that I have been reading a book that had made me roll on the floor with laughter and if not doing that was making me blush and giggle. So now that to the disappointment of my sister and relief of my parents, I have survived the laugh attack and threat to my sanity aka Drop Dead Demons, the sequel to Demons at deadnight, I would like to present my views on it. (as if you could stop me)

At first when I opened the book I was pretty damn sure that I was going to die of book-o-thermia. The book was not 20 or forty chapters but freaking 118 chapters. Yes the dreaded three digits. I was pretty sure that I was going to come out of the book next year. But look at me now. After mere four days, I have not only finished the book but also squeezed in a novella from the series as well (Interview with a Hex Boy) and survived with only deep and “blacker than black “ bags under my eyes. Yippie kay yah ! DON”T WORRY THEY ARE JUST SMALL CHAPTERS AND BEFORE YOU KNOW IT YOU WILL BE FINISHED WITH HALF OF THE BOOK

Drop Dead Demons in my opinion is a superb continuation to Demons at Deadnights (haters of this book can go and ……. Well you know the drill) . I loved this book. The fact why this book appeals so much is because of its killer humor sense. Its nothing that is crafted but something which comes naturally and that is why you don’t feel the jokes or humor forced. The character Aurora makes you fall in love with her and then the Hex boys…what can I say that has not been said already. I may need an entire website to talk about them.

So lets leave the character analysis at that and talk about the book. Story has pretty much developed into a nicer direction. Mind it I said nicer, not the best. The strongest point is the humor and the characters. Imagine six boys and a girl combined by several other supporting casts all having their own spots and none overlapping. Okay while I m at praising spree, let me also say that this is perhaps one of those rare books in fact the only one where the characters, the wits, humor are all intact and kept till the very last page. Its not like other books where the heroin starts strong, witty and sarcastic only to change into an emotional disaster after four pages.

Now the book exactly is not pure and perfection.

There are certain flaws. For one at times the narration runs with such a speed that you feel like saying “ calm down, Breath in between “ . Sometimes when all the Hex boys are in the scene it is difficult to track who is talking and who is doing what. The language has tremendously improved and softened with less of jargons

Being a klutzy heroin is kind of a common occurrence in young adult but none has brought out its potential and entertained me so much as Aurora and in this regard just as i had mentioned in the first book too, i find it hilarious as to how Aurora kept ending up needing medical attention almost on a daily basis and her doctor being none other than her father. Imagine a doctor-dad having to patch up his own daughter first, even before the patients roll in.

The book is superbly hilarious and so much entertaining that you will die of laughter. Rarely does a book keep the humor element alive. You will fall in love with the characters as that much work has gone into each of them. The plot and narration is good. To be honest I m partial to this series and its authors (the superb mother-daughter duo, A&E Kirk) and all I can say is that the comic and cuteness of the characters just makes you blind towards any shortfalls present. It’s a fun read.