Movie Review : Horns

Movie: Horns

Starring: Daniel radcliffe, Juno temple,Max Minghella, Joe Anderson

Plot: Based on the book with the same name by Joe Hills, the movie tells the tale of Ig Perrish, who wakes up after the funeral of his girlfriend, Merrin williams that he has developed Horns on his head. If that does not spooked him, then the fact that suddenly everybody is revealing their most evil thoughts and secrets definitely did the job. midst this is the whole desperation to find out what happened to his girlfriend

Rating: 2.5/5

Horns? More like Horny and Puny

So here I am excited with the idea of watching my favorite book turn into a cinematic magic and elated at the thought of seeing some of the strongest characters I have ever read in a book come alive on screen. Five minutes into the movie and I am crying my heart out and not because it emotionally stirred me but because the movie was horrible.

If you haven’t watched this movie till now, then don’t. You will avoid yourself some pain. Read the book instead and you will survive the torture

The movie is more of a low budget porn movie where the actors are all acting weird probably under the influence of some heavy dope. Bad actors, bad lighting, confusing expressions on everybody’s face, bad screen rendition of a perfectly good scripted book and bad graphics…(well I will give it that the horns was pretty impressive but wait till the end and you will realize why I am shouting bad graphics)

Half of the actors in this movie are English and they have been given the roles of core American characters and the whole movie thereon is a struggle from these actors to get rid of their British accent and sound genuinely American fighting their natural instincts. News Flash: Did not work and certainly did not fool me. Watch the trailer and you will realize what I am talking about. The struggle between the accents is stark

Daniel Radcliffe. This guy practically immortalized the character of Harry Potter and now whenever we sit down to read the book, it’s probably his face that comes into our mind and to think that the same guy just messed up a perfectly good script and movie is utter disappointment. Almost all the actors including Heather Graham, Juno, and Daniel are all acting like some low paid porn stars.

In the book, one of the most powerful and crucial characters Is that of Lee and sadly in the movie, it’s his character that is the most underdeveloped one. Max Minghella, who plays this character, has not been given much to work around and the result is devastating.

The only good part in the movie is where you get to see David Morse, who plays the character Merrin’s father. He appears barely in two to three scenes and those are the best. Emotionally strong and captive.

Joe Anderson and Juno Temple are definitely a mismatch for the characters. Juno has one of the strongest role in the whole movie but either she did not have a whole lot of scope or she lacked in her part, either way her role ended up being a wallflower. Joe Anderson was in the movie to come off as a drug junkie…you got to be kidding me…did the crew even read the book?

The movie was more of a spoof of a perfectly good book. A total disaster right from the cast to acting and screen adaptation. It’s a porn movie and nothing else to it. The saddest part is that Joe Hill’s book was a complete script in itself and this could have been a pretty good movie if it had been treated rightly