TV review: How to get away with Murder

Series: How to Get Away with Murder

Channel: ABC

Plot: Four ambitious law students are caught up in a troublesome situation involving a murder and now they have to use every skills they have learnt , working and learning under a criminal professor to get away with the murder

Rating: 5/5

Power packed

Let me clarify that my review comes after just watching two of its episodes and that has to credit for something. If in mere two episodes the series can impress then it is not bad at all. Why is this series so good? Only one possible answer comes to my mind. Viola Davis. This lady can move mountains when it comes to acting. what a strong performer!!

Apart from that it does not hurt at all that the plot is pretty twisted and interesting.

The premiere was an absolute firecracker and the second episode though was not able to reach that level was still a better showcase and at least leaving a good amount of potential for the future

I am going to keep an eye on this series for sure. Hopefully i will come back and leave another review as the series progresses


After watching about six episodes

if you people are not watching this show then you are missing out on some amazing and strong performances and script. This show manages to impress me with each increasing episodes. I love this show and the one person that is carrying it with panache is definitely viola but having said that i could also say that her interns and other cast members are definitely giving a tough competition. Watch out for Alfred Enoch who plays Wes Gibbins