TV review: Gotham

Tv Series: Gotham

Channel : Fox

Plot: Of course everybody knows about Bruce Wayne and how he became Batman but does anybody know what was Gotham like when he was just a boy and before he became Batman? or anybody aware of James Gordon, the good old detective that is there in every batman movie. Then this series will give you the answers

Rating: 4/5

Lets wait and see

I did not had much expectations from this series as such so maybe that is the reason why i find it impressive enough. But if you are a hardcore Batman fanatic, then you need to step away because this has nothing to do with Batman but everything with detective James Gordon. Batman is present in form of a young Bruce Wayne who has not even considered becoming batman as of now. So if you are comfortable with that, then yes, hop on, this can be fun

The first episode did not quite impress me as everything was just chaotic, but somehow there was a little spark which made me settle for the second episode as well and voila ! i was rewarded as the second episode was much better than the premiere and has actually created a curiosity level in me

The best performance according to me was Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney. what a mind blowing performance. Another surprise package was Camren Bicondova as Selina “Cat” Kyle. The girl has got some serious skills in her hand and is also a captive face. Ben McKenzie as James Gordon is not bad as the central character even though i think i need time in order to have this character and performance grow on me while Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock is good in performance but his character according to me is the most undefined in the entire series.David Mazouz as young Bruce Wayne is doing really good with the short coverage he has in the entire series.

Anyways i m hoping that this series will eventually grow on me.


After watching around 6 episodes

Yes things are coming around and like a wine, the more the episodes are increasing, so is its charm. If you were not impressed by the first episode, stick around a bit and you will see things growing in the series. One character that is emerging strong and impressive is Robin Taylor as Penguin. He is conveniently putting out that weird Psycho effect. oh and by the way Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock is still a big puzzle to me but not enough to lure me out of this show. Ben McKenzie as James Gordon is getting good and impressive. Gotham City is definitely becoming interesting.