Book Review: Left Behind by Tim F. LaHaye

Left_BehindBook: Left Behind

Author: Tim F. LaHaye

Plot: Thousands of people disappears on a single day spreading mayhem everywhere. Families end up losing their loved ones. Countries without its leaders and guardians. While some say that it was alien abduction, others strongly believes that it is the biblical end of days in progress . midst all these is the greatest revolution in politics, the world has ever seen. A rise of a powerful leader. So is it really the end of days as mentioned in the Book of Revelations.

Rating: 2.5/5

I was left behind after the first chapter itself

Let’s begin with saying that the whole reason why I picked up this book is because the movie version is coming out and like any other book addict, I wanted to read the book before embarking on a rough journey that is “ A Nicholas Cage movie “

So I figured out that the Left behind book is actually a 16 book series. But “why and how” is my question here. Doesn’t the first book have to be really good for it to continue?

The book is a biblical rendition of World’s end. I have to admit that the plot and the way the book started, it had shown a great potential but then the charm was lost by the second chapter when nothing was happening. The book exactly brought back the memories of why I hate going to church. Because I cannot sit through a whole hour of preaching and looping around the same line as to God loves us and will bring wrath on us as far as we show the slightest inclination towards sin. I get it. ok. But please don’t stretch it over and over again so much that I start hate being born in the first place.

The plot is interesting and in fact had it been a little excitedly and spiced up, would not have been less of a Dan Brown/Steve Berry Thriller. But unfortunately the entire book succumbed to the last thing you should adopt in a book. Preaching. There is so much banters and thought process that it practically eviscerates the plot. The book is unnecessarily long and vapid with only things happening for fraction of seconds. Narration is definitely crippled.

Apparently the judgment day would not be like the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie…too bad, i kind of did like the whole terminator thing with him as a robot, at least the diction was spot on.

And you know what frustrated me more? The movie is completely different approach from the book and I read this boring book for nothing

Left Behind is kind of confusing and wavering here and there in spite of having a solid plot. The plot is lost with unnecessary thought processes and banters. There are also a whole lot of jargons and technical details to deal with too. it’s a bit lengthy and boring and clearly suffers from the classic case of “ill treated plot”


Trailer for the movie based on this book