Book Review: Crescendo ( Hush Hush #2) by Becca Fitzpatrick


Book: Crescendo (Hush Hush#2)

Author: Becca Fitzpatrick

Plot: Crescendo is the second book in the popular hush hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick and is a forbidden love tale between a mortal and a fallen angel who also has to take on the role of a guardian angel that forbade them from any sort of relationship let alone love.

My rating: 3/5

This is so twilighty except our Edward here is called Patch and is a fallen angel.

Put down your pitchforks people. Yes I know hush hush is like a big deal and I m digging my grave by going against it but what can I do when I can’t stop myself from seeing the stark similarity between twilight and Hush Hush series. Its practically begging me to rip it apart.

The prologue is what misleads me every time. In the first book too, it was the prologue that captivated me and then the rest of the story actually fizzled out and same goes with the second book as well. I can’t help myself from saying that Hush Hush is following twilight blindly.
How? Lets take the first book, Hush Hush.

The first book is where our characters meet in the science lab (*cough* Edward- Bella-bio lab *cough )

and they start a love hate relationship (*cough * Edward-bella- jungle-confrontation- say it say it loud…who am i?…say it…you are a vampire *cough* )

and at the end there is a huge fight and patch comes to our girl’s rescue (*cough* Edward rescuing Bella from James *cough*)

( so bloody twilight).

Second book, which is this one sees how both of them separate for the benefit of each other ( *eye rolling* Edward leaving Bella for her safety *eye rolling, cough, anger attack*)

and spends the entire book whining in their own misery and at the end a big twist and they get back together ( *again eye rolling *)

(so new moon).

Now tell me, how am I supposed to fully imbibe the book when I can’t stop comparing.

Plot. Where was it? seems like nobody invited it or that it was late for the party since the only place where an actual development takes place is towards the very end and mind you, it was pretty impressive compared to the rest of the vapid plot which only sees a whining female character. is it me or really the female character needed a good old whack in the head ? Reading 400 page of whining and I was barely restraining myself from hitting myself or getting inside the book and grabbing the female character by her hair and give some of my special “kiss with the fist” advice into her big thick head ( I m sorry Becca and Nora fans). Ask my anger management program colleagues as to how effective my “kiss with the fist” advises are. They all have a big bump on their forehead to show the effectiveness.

Normally I do not comment on the behavioral pattern of the characters of a book and only stick to discussing the general plot and language and technicalities since every person is different and every book cannot carry characters that possess the qualities that you would like to see. It is the different characters and nature that you see and read, makes reading books so effective and interesting. So I personally never feel worthwhile discussing how a character should have behaved or done in a particular situation UNTIL NOW.

The female protagonist possessed one of those traits that I hate in any person. Adamant and always looking at one side of the coin and taking decisions that is never in favor of others or herself but strictly made to inflict pain in the name of stupid altruism and that’s what the character kept doing throughout the book, making me want to kill someone

i found this one more cheesy than the cheese itself. i know hush hush is a world phenomenon but somehow this book never even attempts a tiny bit to impresses me. I did a passable job with hush hush in spite of finding it a fallen angel version of twilight. But crescendo just kept stretching it without an actual plot. But having said that will I try the third book? I don’t know. Maybe yes. Because the second book kind of stops at an interesting point.

The whole book is in its first two pages which is the prologue and the very last two chapters when the story picks and dies leaving you at a cliffhanger and the middle of this entire 400-500 page book is simple whining and useless banters brought on by the imbecile acts of the female character. I felt this book is nothing but a mere copy of twilight and had nothing new to offer but still if you want to know why this is such a big phenomenon, give it a try and if you find your answer do let me know as well.