Movie review: The Maze Runner

Movie: The Maze Runner

Starring: Dylan o Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Will Poulter, Thomas Sangster

Plot: Based on the best selling dystopian novel of the same name by James Dashner, the movie tells the story of Thomas who wakes up to find himself in a strange world, with no recollection of who he is and where he is.Sharing his same plight are couple of other teenagers, all looking for answers while dealing with having to survive each day against deadly situations

Rating: 3/5

It’s all confusing..

With Every hope that Dylan o’ Brien will woo me again with his wit and charm just as he did with the character of Stiles in Teen wolf, I entered the hall to watch The Maze runner, also armed with a confidence that came from having read the book, but the fact is that rather than watching the movie, I spent the entire 113 minutes checking for the discrepancies between the original book and its movie version. So you could say that I was rather going through a check sheet than watching the movie. It is completely different to the book. Yes they have picked up the basics from the book but the narration, details and execution are all totally different.

I can’t blame Dylan o’ Brien for anything firstly because owing to my crush and secondly he was playing a character that in itself was a confusing one in the original book itself. If you have read the book, you will be confused as to what exactly the character of “Thomas “is  and considering that I would say Dylan has actually brought some life and credibility to the character and has given his best with the limited resources he had.

What was pricking me through the whole movie was the casting. Everybody almost seemed to be casted in the wrong roles. For example Thomas Sangster was kind of out of place as Newt and looked more perfect for the role of chuck. Similarly Will Poulter who played the role of Gally, looked more apt for the character of Newt or Alby . Aml Ameen would have suited the description and role of Gally much more than the character of Alby that he played. So half of the time I was finding it difficult to place these actors according to the book description. For me, it was like watching wrong faces in wrong body. But while at it I would say Dylan was convincing as Thomas and Will Poulter though given a wrong character brought out the best in the movie and is definitely one who manages to stand out in the movie.

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The book and movie are technically running poles apart and I had strong reasons to feel that those who have read the book will feel cheated by the movie and those who haven’t read will all the more be confused as to what is happening which was actually the case with me when I was reading the book. This is not a good example for a well planned book-movie

But movie in general may not be that bad of an experience if you overlook minor details and stop comparing it with the book.