Book Review: Vendetta by Autumn Karr and Sienna Lane


Book: Vendetta

Authors: Autumn Karr and Sienna Lane

Plot: Leighton Moore was at the wrong place at the wrong time and now she has to pay the price for it. She is being taken hostage by Devon Andre. The heir to the criminal organisation that has for years cherished an animosity towards her family.So how far would he go to take revenge

Rating: 2/5

The only vendetta i saw was mine for having to read vendetta

That’s it I need to stay away from books like this for a while now and read something meaningful before I completely go bonkers.My brain has seriously started to deteriorate from all these stupid new adult/young adult books (read erotica). Almost anything and everything is about sex, sex and sex. No story and character visibility. The only visibility is creepiness. This is not what i signed up for. How can all these be in young adult when there is a strong inspiration for underage sex and drinking. It honestly escapes my mind.

“I’m the monster that brought her here. I’m the monster that’s going to take everything away from her, until she’s gone as well.”

This is what the book is all about but apparently the only people that are not aware of this very plain fact is the characters and the authors themselves.

Do not read the blurb. I repeat do not read the blurb. It is totally misleading. On reading the blurb I got the picture of a potentially quirky and interesting read and with a name like vendetta you expect blood, bones, dead bodies or at the very least a punch.

I suggested this book to my friend as well and it is a miracle that she has not hired an assassin to kill me for doing the same. It is also a good thing that she is miles apart otherwise she would have shown me the true meaning of vendetta.

It is clear that the author/authors misinterpreted the term vendetta or failed to use the magic of this word because let me tell you guys that this book is nothing but an erotica. So all you “E” fans. Here is another bible for you but forgive me for I have to go and rip my skin off for having read it.

if you want me, I will be with Hannibal Lector asking him to eat my liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

Let’s say the book begins with a bang. It definitely gives you hope but wait! By the end of chapter one your hope is flying out of the window along with your brain. The plot is weak. Very very weak.

Why?. Start counting

Neither the hostage nor captor acts their role properly. Even if you sympathize or understand the doings of the captor you still cannot work around your brain around the hostage aka our female character

May be it’s the feminist in me or it is kind of set in a way thatmakes you hate the female character who does not seem to fully imbibe the fact that she is a captive and in a dangerous situation. The girl acts as if she is in her own house and not an actual hostage demanding TV, art supplies and takeaways.

Need proof? Here it is

Our hostage decides to be tough so she does something to make it difficult for her captor

following is an actually excerpt from the book

“He doesn’t say anything, just looks at me, heaving a heavy sigh because we’ve been over this. i know it, but i’m not about to give up.
“i want pancakes for breakfast”.i decide to be difficult, narrowing my eyes at him, daring him to say no.

Freaking pancakes? That’s your way of not giving up.? What is wrong with you girl? The guy has you as a hostage and has threatened to kill your family and you are bothered about your breakfast menu?…. UNBELIEVABLE

if i m held hostage i cannot think anything except getting out of the place let alone admire the masculine perfection of my captor or think about give him a massage because he spent the entire night watching me sleep….! (no people I m not joking…this is actually there in the book)

also not to forget , this is the same guy who is going to kill my parents. Forget massage, I would probably be awarded a Nobel Prize for peace, for not gouging his eyeballs out and then breaking his balls for being a pervert and lurking around the room when I was sleeping. But then to think about it, I will probably stay awake and standing on the bed in my kung fu pose whole night rather than letting my captor watch me sleep (This is unhealthy and sick … I m seeing Satan’s fire pit now and I m not even a devout Christian) You know what!, I should probably be getting that award anyways for reading this book.

i really don’t understand the main character(female). When she sees our mc sitting right there in the room when she is coming out of the shower, she drops her towel to kind of lure him and try a ticket out of the place but the same girl shouts and gets freaky when there is a different guy in the room. Talk about hypocrisy. If our MC aka captor can have a free show why not a creepy old bald guy. Is this is the democracy our leaders fought for?

Now lets talk about male character.

This is the first time i m hearing that a captor has to give his schedule and explanations to his routines to the hostage because she could be a bit jealous and possessive ( ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME? )I feel pity for the guy for not knowing what it is to be a gangster and most importantly a captor.

it’s funny how he is the one who keeps reminding the girl to behave since she is a hostage. Bravo !! that’s the spirit of true captor. OR NOT. The biggest issue that was considered as plot was our little hostage dying of boredom in her captivity and this is discussed in depth through the story. What do you think people do in jails all day.?

There is a whole lot of annoying good trait counting and justifications for everybody’s action intended to make them all look good and saintly in spite of being gangsters. i always hate when the author starts counting the goodness of a character through the eyes of other characters. Its like forcing us to acknowledge the good traits.

i felt strange how at the beginning the characters pretend that they were strangers to each other when towards the middle they keep saying about how they had a relationship / chemistry /history… between them. They say something at the beginning and something different in the middle

My heart really goes out to all those real life gangsters and professional kidnappers because this book is a slap on their face and probably demeaning the sanctity and cruelty of their profession (hey every job has its own values and principles)

i felt that there was so much wrong with the basics of the plot that it prevented me from looking at the book in whole .I guess every book has it audience but this was too much for me. The basic nature of these characters is all wrong. None of the characters are acting themselves. There is nothing new to the story. i was seriously confused towards the end as to what was going around..Nothing made sense actually because it was all rushed up or not properly planned. The basic problem was the lack of plot and proper direction.

how was it?