Book Review: The Cemetery Paintings (Detective Byone Series #3)by Ricardo Fleshman


Book: The Cemetery Paintings (Detective Byone Series #3)

Author: Ricardo Fleshman

Plot: The third book in the Detective Byone Series, The cemetery paintings is a finale where the characters from the previous books visits trying to tie up the loose end in the garb of a new wicked and interesting plots that forces Byone and his friends to face death and a returning enemy,Alexis Beaureparie

Rating: 4/5

i can count on the author’s books to not keep me in the dark for too long

A huge thanks to the author for providing me a copy to read.

As i had mentioned before, the author’s book is not for everybody. It takes a certain kind of readers in my opinion to appreciate his fast paced yet meaty plotted books. I love how wicked both story lines and the titles of his books are. His books do not demand much of your time and you could read the book in one go without having to get up for a break because there is no dip in the flow of the story. It keeps you thoroughly hooked provided you are up for the pace and concentration.

The Cemetery Paintings is the third book in the series and also the final one and maybe that is why the plot this time was not as meaty as it was in the previous books( The Dying Dance & The Devil’s Serum). But then I guess it was kind of the need of this book because this one actually brings together the previous two to tie up all loose ends and give a nice little finale to the whole series and in that regard, I must say the plot worked perfectly. While first two books( The Dying Dance & The Devil’s Serum) can be read as standalone, this book may not be a great choice for standalone even though the plots and elements of the previous ones are mentioned and recalled many times in the story and as with the case with the last two books, this one too comes with its share of trivia and history of New Orleans and its culture.

Ok in passing I want to add a few things I noticed: Either i am getting used to the pace by now or this book really did slow down a bit, but not by a bigger fraction. There was a constant reminder of the previous two cases.This could be good to refresh the memory but at times it felt repetitive. (just saying !!) . Also I m going to deduct one star from perfection because I was a bit dissatisfied with the ending. Nevertheless the book is another fun read

keeping up the legacy and consistency of his previous books, ( The Dying Dance & The Devil’s Serum)this one too proved to be a great read. The pace as indigenous to the author’s book is fast yet keeping the hold on the plot quite strongly and that’s what I like about the author’s book. Everything and anything is about the plot and its development and the pace makes it easier to understand and get to the suspense quickly. But as I mentioned it requires a certain set of audience but once you get used to it you will be treated to a great series. This book is basically the culmination to the entire series so in terms of plot it is actually a wrap up and i love how the previous books join forces to bring together this final installment with everything that the last two books shined for me.



Author interview- Ricardo M Fleshman