Book Review: Minutes Before Sunset (The Timely Death Trilogy, #1) by Shannon A. Thompson


Book: Minutes Before Sunset (The Timely Death Trilogy, #1)

Author: Shannon A. Thompson

Plot: There is a whole new world out there. One of shades and Light. Both of them at a constant war against each other to obtain power and dominance . Mixed into this age old feud is a prophecy that is threatening the life of two youngsters. One forced to live with the fact that his death is imminent and unavoidable for the sake of the future of his clan and another unaware of the fact that her life is a major turning point in the outcome of this battle

Rating: 5/5

A rare among Generic

All it needs is a bit of spark to make even the smallest of star to shine brightly amidst millions of them

First of all a huge hug and thanks to the author for providing me a copy of the book and Bravo on another superb work that has blown out my mind completely. Thank you. Thank you and Thank you

Let’s begin with a bit of honesty and a bit of rant. sorry bare with me a little here

When I started reading this book, I was like “Here we go again with another paranormal romance “The story follows the same track of very other paranormal books which is to say that it was a match made in science lab just like twilight, hush hush and many others whose name I can’t recall now

After reading so many of these young adult/ paranormal romances, i have finally realized that every trouble arises from that dreaded little lab assignment where you are partnered with that little mysterious brooder aka your soul mate. So guys a fair warning for all those who are still in school. Never take on a mysterious guy at the back bench for your lab partner especially if you are the new girl in town to avoid heartbreak or any paranormal near death experience. The guy could be anything from a fallen angel to demon to a superhero. So beg, cry, crawl or pull your hair till you go bald or even use artillery but never ever go for that mysterious guy. Oh by the way don’t bother asking the teacher because those things never work anyways. Practically every paranormal romance is a match made in school project starting with that lab partner. All these teachers seem to be the perfect match makers.

All i ever got for a lab partner in school was a pigtail nerd with big glasses and preferred playing with the beakers and test tubes and chit chatting in between her naps. My match never got made in those school labs…Guess my teachers were not that big on match making

So end of ranting and back to review

At the beginning, i was getting nervous about surviving another high school paranormal romance but to be honest i kind of started blending into the story after a while (and no i m not saying this for the sake of being nice to the author).

The book starts with the traditional track of new girl in town, boy with powers, lab assignment, and start of a beautiful friendship. This is where I am going to explain my heading to this review “ A rare among Generic”. Yes, the above factors are all there in the book just like million other books but interestingly these factors are only there in the passing and the entire story is happening somewhere else which makes this book stand out in spite of using these basic plot structures. The lab and assignment is no way the core of the book which makes it rare in a generic story line.

So if you think, that just like Edward and Bella started dating around that apple and biology lab in twilight, the characters in this book too are going to dance around the lab and doing assignments, blooming their eternal love, and saying “ I m the world’s deadliest predator” then you are in for a shock.

And before you team Edward and team Jacob gang up to kill me, let me clarify that twilight is my religion and Stephanie meyer, my god. So don’t kill me

Anyways back to review

To make it challenging there is an element of suspense which is in plain sight but still veiled enough to keep you making assumptions as to where the story is going but also makes you think twice at the next moment. This in itself makes the book spicier and captivating. The paranormal world is high enough to keep the whole plot busy and active away from the usual high school dramas and teen stuffs
The book starts with your usual theme of new girl in town, lab assignment and a lab partner but that is nowhere near to the real story and that is what makes this book worthy and refreshing. The lab assignment stuff is just a passing element in the story.

The whole paranormal world is well explained and the basics of this world are sharp and clear for you to understand its nuisances and this becomes an advantage to get yourself involved in the story. There are no overflowing emotional dramas or teen love, although it is not fully devoid of it. Just in bearable proportions. Language and narration is spot on.

Do not skip over this book thinking that it is another paranormal romance, if you want to read a quick, interesting plot with a whole new captive world of shades and light. The core of the story may be romance but the book is not all about it and that makes it worthy enough for me.