Review: Take Me Tomorrow by Shannon A Thompson

Book: Take Me Tomorrow

Author: Shannon A. Thompson

Plot: The world is different. A New drug has taken the control and everybody is struggling under its influence directly or indirectly. A leader that has only his goals in sight and not the fate of the humans that is crumbling daily against their battle to this drug . So as the any history goes by, its time for uprising of the masses against these odds that shackles them.its time for a new world

Ratings: 5/5

why do I have a feeling that the author hates the fragile nature of my brain?

It was supposed to be the most majestic creature but the end result was one without a head and a tail. so like any plant without a root to hold its ground and leaves to serve its purpose, it crumbled the very day it was made

First of all a huge thanks and hug to the author for providing me with the copy. Apart from that I m so happy that I got to grab my hands on an awesome read. SO Thank you very much

All the dystopian fans gather around as we have one more prize to go into our collections. Frankly when I was given this book, all I had in mind was that I m about to sit down with another young adult romance that will be overflowing with emotional crests and troughs but my oh my ! I was in for a shock when the book did not even show the faintest development in romance till I was almost on the verge of finishing this book. And because of this one fact I am in love with this book. In many ways the book actually reminded me of Legend by Marie Lu. Its survival against the odds.

Take me tomorrow is a dystopian novel that is totally focused on the plot and the thrills rather than wasting time on character emotions or relationship troubles. It is strictly plot, plot and plot. The book starts pretty fast and in a way that also hampers the reading experience as things starts way too quickly without a proper introduction or history. It took a bit to understand what kind of background and situation the whole story was set into .you have to give it a bit time as its only when you reach around the middle, that everything is described to you, including the whole new world the story is set in. But don’t let that be a negative factor because it kinds of keep your brain working. Plot and the setting is pretty interesting and things run at a good pace keeping you fully occupied and not leaving you with any dull moments or a dip in the story. Narration is good and language is simple but to be honest sometimes it can sound cryptic without detailed explanation of things

So for your sake without being a spoiler let me set you up with a little base for the book. The entire plot is set in a post apocalyptic world and that’s why things may sound little off course. Just keep in mind it is a new world and take things as it comes. Meaning stop scratching your head and ranting and Wait for things to settle and get clearer . Also I m not sure why, but I m actually in awe with the cover of the book. Lucky for me there is no overflowing romance in spite of so many guys and one girl
At the same time, I m kind of feeling that the author has left me at a cliffhanger. Either that or I m not yet fully prepared to let go of this book with the ending that was provided. The book kind of has not fully sealed the fate of the characters and maybe that is why I feel that there is something missing towards the end or that it ended way too quickly

I have a feeling that there should be a sequel. ( In case there in no sequel planned, the author can totally expect me to camp outside her house till she writes me one….either that or she decided to calls the cops or unleash her dog to get me off her property)

It might be a possibility that if you have read the entire review, you have got all the more confused about the fate of this book. So let me simplify it for you. The book is good. I loved it. There is an actual story and being set in dystopian world there is so much to see, read and enjoy but yes the book lacks detailed explanation at certain points. Proper briefing and history is not there and its more on the readers to pick up the pieces and complete the puzzle by reading which can be fun and annoying based on how you see it. For me personally, at the starting it was a bit hair puller, but the narration captivated me enough to hold on to the book and things started falling into places and as a result I had a great read with a book that had strong plot, characters and narration.