Book Review: Beware the Wild


Book: Beware the Wild

Author: Natalie C. Parker

Plot: The swamps are the protagonist of many horror stories  around Sticks, a small place in Louisiana. The residents dread it and advice to stay away from it but Sterling cannot do that anymore. Her brother Phin has been taken by the swamps and she will go to any lengths required to bring him back before its too late.. 

Rating: 5/5

Spooky, Scary and every other Ys

Beware of the wild for inside its dark treacherous folds dwell both death and life

Beware the wild comes with a nice intriguing story that is filled with elements of both mystery and horror and this lethal combination has made the book an amazing treat.The best part of the book is definitely the core plot and the narration. Language is easy but at times it does feel a bit breaking away from the flow. The characters are all impressive and the story progression is good and keeps you on your toes at each turn.

I loved the basic theme of the book and the way it captivates throughout and not letting one dull moment sweep in. Although you could say that there are times when things are not fully descriptive and this goes for the characters as well. You kind of are devoid of their history but at the same time the author has maintained the information that is required for the story comprehension. Nothing extra, nothing less just the amount that is required to keep you floating. This should be only a concern if you are one of those readers who like elaborate settings in their books. I would say that the author has picked up one incident and have developed the whole story around it pretty cunningly and giving background information as the story moves along when it is required and the amount it is required. In short if you want to know each character inside and out then you wont find it here but then the story is way too much fun to revolve around the history and characters.

A nice intriguing story that spooks and captivates you with its flow although language can snap a bit in between but not enough to make you go crazy. The story is the main focus and it truly shines and the book is a pretty fun read and will equally appeal to those who love a bit of horror and mystery in their books. Hop on ! you are in for a good ride ahead.