Book Review: How to Lead a Life of Crime by Kristen Miller


Book: How to Lead a Life of Crime

Author: Kristen Miller

Plot: Flick has survived and excelled living in the streets with his trusted skills in pick pocketing and facing troubles head on but now he has an opportunity in front of him. To go back to school. But Mandel Academy is no ordinary school. It is where you are taught to learn the skills required to excel in the world of crime without breaking a sweat. But in life there are no free lunches.

Rating: 5/5


wickedly good

So he said let’s get into the flourishing business of crime and I said it is better to enroll into a university that can provide an extensive researched course in the world of crime first, than to get beaten up in a dark alley for trying to steal a wallet that has only maxed out credit cards and a packet of unused condoms.
– From the wicked brains of the author of this review

How to Lead a life of crime is one of those rare books where I have seen a female author come up with a book that is entirely male narrated and succeeds in bringing out the authenticity of the character and never once letting the wishful thinking of a female interrupting the nature of our character (read book like until you, point of retreat, allegiant etc etc to know what I m talking about …list is endless)

The book is brilliant and the brilliance comes from the core plot that is enhanced by a gradual and good paced development. The language is simple and engaging and so is the narration. The true star of the book is it characters. Yes, the main character / narrator definitely shine but so does each other character that is being introduced. Every one of them is shaped properly with a proper past and present and none of them are inserted by force for passing characters. The central character is charming and witty which means our author is too (right?)

There is a character named Joi in the book and I think I have fallen in love with her. She is such a strong persona that makes you love and fear her at the same time. I am in awe of the ability of the author to sketch such brilliant character that does not bleed out of their defined characteristics and comes out strongly and differently from everything you read.

I m finally getting comfortable with the young adult series where such brilliant pieces are coming out with a whole set of strong plots, impressive characters and hidden messages that are actually worth listening to than all the sex chronicles that pass for books these days.

How to lead a life of crime is a thorough entertainer that has an amazing story to tell and most importantly has characters that will steal your hearts and impresses by while doing so. The book has its strong and funny moments and makes it very thrilling. The book has a very skilled narration and language that hooks you to the book without regret. It is a joyous ride that will not creep you out. Although there is one little tiny factor. There are scenes of violence and gory acts.. (But then which movie or tv shows does not have them,…so why not in books.)which technically made me fall for this book but if you are soft hearted…just be ready with a CPR aid by your side ..just in case. Also the book could be a little lengthy but definitely not boring.