Book Review: Rival (A fall away novel #3) by Penelope Douglas


Book: Rival ( A fall Away Novel #3)

Author: Penelope Douglas

Plot: The third book in the Fall Away series tells the story of Madoc and Fallon who due to a previous chapter in their lives had ended up being each other’s arch rival but now fate or a devious plan in action has brought them together sparking the romance in its fully fury midst a chaotic past and present

Rating: 2/5


I m going to kill the person who ever said that patience was a virtue

Why oh why have you done this to me that it is urging me to go back to where it all started, wanting to make myself believe that it was not a onetime charm but was in realty a true discovery.

Bully made me fall in love with Jared and Tate. It made me fall for the whole genre of young/new adult and for the author itself. When I heard a sequel to Bully was being released from Jared’s point of view, I grabbed it like a hungry tiger and was disappointed to the core. But then I thought it might be a minor debacle from a female author not being able to visualize a male character properly enough to tell a story from his point of view. Then the author announced a story on Madoc and it was a maddening wait for the book. But was it worth it? NO

If you have read Bully then you will know who Madoc is and in case you have not then let me tell you that in the entire book, Madoc is the one person that cracks you up with his wit and charm. I fact there are times when you actually fall for him rather than the main character Jared. So naturally you except a book focused on him should be cracking and burst opening your brains. Yes it did but in all negative sense. you could not believe that this was the same Madoc. There was not one funny line or charming display of the persona that made us fall for the guy in Bully. In Rival he came as a total jerk.

Either I have developed a huge resistance against young/new adult genre or this book simply this did not have the same magic that was there in the first book Bully. I am forced to believe that the entire series was a one book charm just like the beautiful disaster series

This book grossed me out with back to back sex scenes and lack of proper plot. The whole basic dynamics of the relationship was in itself was creepy. Even if I overlooked that fact, the romance development and character development was clearly absent. There is no actual explanation or sense to what these characters do and why they do. The saddest part is that technically there was a very strong story hidden in its core but suffered because of lack of concentration to it and focusing the book more on the sexual scenes. The whole reason behind the characters hating each other and coming back into each other’s life was actually strong but was kind of underplayed. Had this book been treated differently and led in a completely different track then this could have been a good one. The romantic track was absolutely ridiculous and execution even more ridiculous. No actual thought process.

There was this one percent of the book that was actually good but the rest of the 99 percent freaked me out to actually appreciate it. Oh yes Jared and Tate is visiting in this book and thankfully is not forced to do so and actually play a major part.

The book was a huge disappointment. Bully is one of my favourite books and it had an actual story to it but Rival which is the third book in the fall away series comes with no work towards its story and focuses its whole energy into sexual scenarios. The book is filled with back to back sex scenes creeping the effing hell out of me. The actual story had so much potential but is never developed in the book. In fact it is winded up in couple of paragraphs towards the last of the book. The character is nothing like the one that was introduced in the first book that made us fall for him. So to cut long story short, there was no story, in fact no romance and all it had was full on erotic scenes. I have to scrub till my bones show up to get over this book.