Book Review: The truth about Alice by Jennifer Mathieu

thetruthaboutaliceBook: The Truth about Alice

Author: Jennifer Mathieu

Plot: The book revolves around one particular incident that defined the character of Alice Franklin. Everybody has different perceptive as to what happened and through the eyes of different people that was part of the incident directly or indirectly, The story tries to bring out the truth about Alice Franklin

Rating: 5/5


Amazing and Powerful

I am going to start this review with an advanced apology for my review is going to be crazy long because this book actually woke my brain matters and have evoked lots of thought process so pardon me while I unleash my inner societal critic for your torture. Also kindly replace the word “effing” with “fuck you” in your mind while reading

I have read about a hundred books based on high school and accompanied saga of teenage struggles, trying to cope with this hard phase of growing up but very rare and in fact almost to nil has one managed to move and impress me as strong as this book. In my opinion this book is a slap on those sugar coated high school romances that is currently filling up the young adult and new adult shelves. Why? Because for once I have come across a real life version as to what happens in the world. All the romantic notions of yours will be ripped apart and broken down to its harsh reality. There is no flowerbed waiting for you in this book. It shows the real faces of the people that surround us everyday including our very own.

This book has a lot of powerful messages that is said both openly and subtly and I am taking the audacity to share what I took from the book

Wake up! Nobody is a saint including yours truly

   The book is narrated through the eyes of various characters and while reading you will realize that these characters are very real, very much like you and me with their own strength and weakness. none of the characters in the book including our main character is a Mary Sue. Each one of them is pure Grey. No pure evil or pure saint.  everybody comes with their own set of shortfalls and strengths. Yes sometimes they hurt others, but if you look deep they have their reasons and justifications for doing so and weirdly you kind of feel right from their perspective. 

Your Knight in shining armor isn’t coming neither is your sleeping beauty waiting for your eternal kiss

   While every other young adult writer are promoting sex and glamorizing effing up your life in name of romance, this book came to me as a reality check. It tells you what happens when you go with the wrong decisions and the kind of consequences you will be forced to deal after making spur of moment decisions. It talks and shows sex as what it is and not your effing “making love crap”. It is what it is 

As teens we end up messing our own lives and most of it is because of our actions that comes with a thought process which has a life shorter than fire in heavy rain

   Well that I guess should be self explanatory as in the book you will realize that practically everybody’s actions sprouted from lack of brain or rather lack of interest in applying brain and influenced by adrenaline and intensity of the situations 

Truth is perceptive

  What is right for me can be wrong for you and vice versa too. I am not sure what can be defined as right and wrong anymore when our world itself is reinventing the definition of truth every day. Our world is not in the 17th century anymore and so is the fact that the truth applied to that century cannot be applied to this one anymore. If that being the case half of the girls would be roaming around with a huge A on their clothes just like Hester in “The Scarlet Letter”

There can be actually meaningful work in young/new adult genre

  As I have mentioned earlier that out of all those hundreds of young adult books I have read, I have never come across something this real and grounded to realty with a strong message and insight into oneself 

This book comes as a glaring example that if you ask ten people about the same incident, you will end up getting ten different versions of the same thing

The book uses one of the most creative and effective methods i have ever seen in narration.It tries to tell us a story through the eyes of different characters .The book focuses on one particular incident that has happened and uses various characters to narrate the incident through their point of view meanwhile taking you through the personal lives of each of these characters and the reasoning behind their thoughts and actions. I was amazed as to how effectively each character was constructed and neither one of them overlapping each other. Each person is different and you could picture them doing and saying things just as described by the book. Oddly everybody had their reason for doing stuff they did and you kind of are forced to agree with their actions even if it was all wrong. The pace of the book is really good. Kudos to the author for a meaningful and creative work

I think this is a must read for all those who are currently swept away with young adult romances for you will be made to open your eyes to the realty. Also it maybe that I am taking a lot out of this book, which was not meant to be in the first place but the truth is that this is a strong book worth reading and installing its hidden messages into your brain

The book is a powerful one that actually redefined young adult genre for me. This is one book that will make you think and look into the real world than all that emotional and romantic balloons clouding your visions right now. It uses one of the best and creative narration techniques I have ever seen. Technically plot could be simple, straightforward but narration is simply best and the highlight of the whole book. I think the book rides highly on its character and narration. Pick up this book. Its short, crisp , cutting straight to the point , and absolutely jolting. This should be the kind of books that adorns young/new adult genre.