Book Review: Sylvanor – The Secret of Under Hollow by Eric J Weisser


Book : Sylvanor – The Secret of Under Hollow

Author: Eric J Weisser

Plot: Set in a fantasy world of Sylvanor, the book takes us through the struggles of its inhabitants against a ruthless ruler and the harsh world they are left to live while struggling to survive each day

Rating: 4/5


its a different World

First of all a huge thanks to the author and his team for lending me a copy of the book to read

Sylvanor- The Secret of Under Hollow can be painfully long and before i proceed with the review, i have to admit that the genre or setting of the book was not of my particular liking and maybe that is why i am not overly fond of this book in spite of the fact that it has everything essential in perfect quantity.

The book has all the ingredients perfectly put together but maybe the whole world of Elfs, Fairies and Gnomes is not for me because i did find it a tad bit boring but to be fair, i feel that it could be me and not essentially the book because everything individually is perfect with this book but somehow in whole it was not holding my attention too long.

Plot is something that involves a whole lot of interesting characters, with well defined Backgrounds that will let you feel for them and take on the journey of this book with them.It is like watching LOTR, a quest in progress with the obstacles that crop up along its way.It also has interesting plot developments that keeps it moving. Language is simple, sharp and enough to make the plot absorb with ease. Narration is another aspect that can be praised for doing a good job.

Book comes with a plot that is a well narrated adventurous ride set in the fantasy world of elf, gnome, angels or as they call it, winged creatures and fairies. The language helps your immersion into the whole world quite easy. Being set in a fantasy world, the author has also done a good job in explaining every thing that is associated with this world so as you do not get confused with what is what. You will be made part of this new world on the get go of the story. The book can be really really long… it took a little longer than usual for me to complete the book which only happens when the book is really really long or that the book is not of my particular liking and in this case, it was both.