Book Review: The Last Man (Mitch Rapp #13) by Vince Flynn



Book: The Last Man (Mitch Rapp#13)

Author: Vince Flynn

Plot: Joe Rickman,is a man that knows all the deepest and the dirtiest secrets of US Secret service and now he has been kidnapped which means that he could be in the hands of any of the innumerous enemies  who can go to any lengths to learn the secrets. So before Rickman crumbles under the hands of the enemy, he must be found and the man who can do that is none other than Mitch Rapp

Rating: 4.5/5


Loved it

I am a huge fan of Jack Reacher series by Lee child and i never thought that anybody would come remotely close to the position that Reacher holds with me, but yes Mitch Rap, the main character of the series has managed to do so and now i am officially in love with the series and the man Mitch Rapp. In an odd kind of way both Jack Reacher by Lee child and Mitch Rapp by Vince Flynn has similarities but yet have their own characteristics as well. True to their claim, those who love Jack Reacher will definitely love Mitch Rapp as well. But unfortunately as i picked up this book, i also learnt that the author has finally quit the stage of our world last year and leaving us with a loss of a good piece of work.

Leaving the sad note aside, lets talk about the book

Mitch Rapp series have come a long way from the last book i read on this character which was kill shot. Kill shot is the third book in the series and this book, The last Man is the thirteenth book,so you could see that i have not been following the series and have picked it randomly yet never felt that i was out of loop. The books very well act as a good standalone and moves with brief background details so as to make you comfortable with the current story so do not be afraid to pick up any random book from the series.

As i said before there is a character development to Mitch Rapp, the evolution makes it more interesting and a great persona to read. The plot is your usual political scandals and terrorists plot so i would not say that plot wise it is mind blowing. Yes it is nice, fun and interesting but nothing out of the world. So if you leave behind huge expectations and read it for fun then you will love it.

Plot is not bad but kind of predictable. that’s all.

Now the treatment and narration is what makes this book worth it. yes there are lots of characters to track but then these characters all have a very solid presence. All along the way Mitch Rapp is portrayed, even when he is not in the same picture is what made me fall in love with the character.

No doubt the character Mitch Rapp has been upheld as a larger than life character by the author but then that is kind of the purpose of reading an action thriller isn’t it?

He will sense you. He’ll smell you from a mile away.I can’t explain how he does it. Must be some kind of genetic survival instinct going back to when his ancestors were running from dinosaurs and shit

The book may come as another political action thriller thwarted with the usual terrorists plots but pick up this book to enjoy an amazing character, Mitch Rapp. if you are a jack reacher fan, then you will definitely love Mitch Rapp. The narration and treatment makes for a great read. It is nothing new but not boring as well. Leave behind the pedantic nature and you will fall for this book and the character Mitch Rapp, just like i did.