Book: Business Doctors by Sameer Kamat


Book: Business Doctors

Author: Sameer Kamat is a top career counsellor. He also shares tips on creative writing and book publishing in India.

Plot: A business that is going down and a team of efficient professionals that is brought in to salvage the dooming business but only the business is not your usual deal, its an empire run by gangsters and there is no option for a failed business proposal and the solution are not the ones that can be rectified by couple of presentation slides or pie charts. Its a bullet for every failed attempt.

Rating: 5/5


Bravo ! Bravo ! Bravo ! 

First of all thanks to my book soul sister and G.R. Buddy (a named coined by her only 😉 )Aditi Saha for recommending my name to the author and a huge hug and thanks to the author itself for actually going out of his way to get me a physical copy of his book. Truly touched by this gesture. Fortunately I do not have to sugar coat and can honestly say that I loved the book.

Anybody who knows me are well aware as to how big of a prejudice I am against Indian authors and normally this comes from the fact that every time I sit down to read an Indian author, what hits me first is their language which either would be a condescending show off of their mastery in vocabulary and command over language or plain idiocy act with colloquial and hinglish passing as a new language. The other thing is the plot which usually would be set in an engineering or a MBA college background with a depressing and poorly shaped up love story.

Business Doctor was amazingly a breath of fresh air and there has been only one another Indian author who had actually impressed me and now I will be adding another name to it for sure.
Let’s dissect and talk about the book

Plot is fantastic and intelligent but at the same time is also wicked, goofy and funny all through. I don’t know how many would agree but to me reading this book was like watching a Seth Rogen movie, where every incident turns wickedly hilarious in spite of being seriously messed up. I have seen a rare trait in the book especially coming from an Indian author, which is step by step development of the plot, the flow of the plot is smooth, gradual and without loose ends. Nothing hangs in the air except for the mystery part. There is actually efficiency to the plot development which is rare.

Now Language. At least it is not Hinglish. The language is easy, funny and without shoving vocabulary boulders and hard to bite sentences on my face. the book narrates a well weaved story with innocent humors and wits. Simple yet interesting. Jargons and colloquialism is spot on

I am proud to admit that I ended up reading this book in a stretch and was done with it before the day was over. That partly came from the fact that book runs fast and that it keeps the interest intact without going into complications or unnecessary details I feel that the author has a talent at storytelling and doing so without messing up your brain.

There is one particular line that has stayed back in my head from the book

if you fail to plan, you plan to fail

The book is fast paced and funny with a plot that will make you laugh, think and entertain. The biggest asset of the book is definitely the well structured story narration which as the book itself mentions like any good story has a proper start, middle and end. Language is simple and a complete narration enhancer. This is a book that does not want you to apply your logistics and nuisances but enjoy a goofed up situation and enjoy the ride as it goes. Brilliant piece of work. For once I m proud that it came from an Indian author