Book Review: Dreamfever(fever series #4) by Karen Marie Moning




Book: Dreamfever (feverseries #4)

Author: Karen Marie Moning

Plot: MacKayla Lane has now become a Pri-ya and now the only person who could save her from her intended fate is the one person who could not trust, Jericho Barrons. The book also follows the consequences of the events that transpired in the last book, Fae Fever

Rating: 4.5/5


Fast paced, fun and intriguing

“Good and evil are merely opposite sides of a coin. Get tossed in the air enough, it’s easy to come down on the wrong side.”

Warning : if you are sitting down to read dream fever, make sure that you have the last book in the series and the sequel to dream fever, Shadow fever ,handy and close to you because the way dream fever ends, you will be pulling your hairs and probably going on a comatose state with anticipation. It’s a good thing that I had shadow fever at arm’s length otherwise I would have gone crazy. The author leaves you at a major cliffhanger. Actually it is more like left you hanging you in the air, not knowing when you are going to land on your bottoms. But then again, the prequel, Fae fever was also a cliff hanger but it has got nothing on the one that awaits you in dream fever.

MacKayla Lane stands for everything that I hate in a female character but yet the story strongly takes over this aspect for me. If you think young adult/paranormal novels is all about mushy love and sex then you better start reading the fever series because this is a book that slowly crawls into your brain and stays there for long. Every book of this series starts gradually and ends with a bang leaving you gasping for more. This book has been a series of shocker from the start. It keeps your blood pumping like crazy until at the end, you feel like somebody threw cold water on your face and you are panting like crazy with the shocks that you were succumbed to.

While the book undoubtedly survives on a well knit story, in my opinion, one of the best and mysterious characters, Barrons (he is the only reason that I keep yearning for this series in all honesty)is what keeps the book exciting. I love how the author maintains an aura of mystery around him and don’t worry you will still not learn anything of importance about Barrons in this book as well (BURN !!!) but Dreamfever will have more scenes with Barrons than any other book in the series so that is a win win situation and things are really hot this time .(in case if you have been waiting to hear that)

The only problem I have with this book is its random rants and hovering over things in between something of a major plot churner. Also the part of Dani o’ mailey and the dialogues form this character are really a hard hitter for my brain. I really found it hard to cope with. I really doubt how the whole dani o mailey series will work out if it was taking off as a failure in its introduction itself. (After the fifth book, Fever series continues with Dani o’ mailey as a central character) But other than that the book is fast paced, lots of twists and turns to make you go crazy. Fortunately this book shows less of vanity obsession from the main character but not
totally over it.

Apart from the fact that I personally find the central character annoying, I believe this book is a truly good series to follow.

Dreamfever continues the goodness of the plot like in the case of its prequel, and just like it has happened with the previous books, this one too ends with a huge cliffhanger and in fact so much that you will be nothing less of a druggie going crazy without your daily dose, because it is that bad. The language in between suffers a lot with crazy jargons and dialects. There are unnecessary philosophy classes in between but these are still minor bump in what otherwise is a nice twisty plot that will keep you glued to the pages. Things are pretty hot from the onset of the book and maintain it throughout. Fast paced, fun and intriguing that’s what dream fever is.

“Strength wasn‘t about being able to do everything alone. Strength was knowing when to ask for help and not being too proud to do it.”