Book Review: Black Heart ( the curse workers #3) by Holly Black

BlackHeartBook: Black Heart

Author: Holly Black

Plot: Being a Transformation worker is not easy. It means lots of people wanting to cash in on your power. 

Rating : 5/5



Black heart is just what you need to end a perfect series. If you guys haven’t started with the curse worker series or are not yet aware of this series, then let me tell you that you are missing out on a perfectly crafted series.

Black heart delivers right on the anticipation and expectations created by its preceding book, White cat and Red glove As I have mentioned in reviews of its previous books, the reason why this series works is because of its crafty plot and nothing like the usual paranormal young adults you have been reading. There is no unwanted emotional meltdowns, no high quotient romance pumping hearts, and definitely no sex loads that will make you cringe. The book has a rock solid plot and the entire book focuses on its development and narration and no unwanted characters and their personal issues interrupting the flow of the plot because of which I fell in love with this series.

Its like watching a fast paced movie and in my opinion has come far from white cat, the first book and by the end of this series as in this book, you know each characters like the back of your hand or at least that’s how the author has etched them through her books. The narration has developed enough to being really simple and intriguing, a visible recovery from the debacle of the first book, White Cat. The language is kept smooth and flowing, easy to digest. I love how the events keep churning in a different angle making it interesting and more fun

Black heart follows the beauty of the previous two books in the series, by being crafty with its plot and devoid of usual young adult book killers. The language has attained perfection by the third book by being simple, intriguing, and funny and to the point. Narration is fabulous. Altogether this is a wonderful series that should be in everybody’s collection. I m in love with this series.