Book Review: Warm Bodies by Issac Marion


Book: Warm Bodies

Author: Issac Marion

Plot: Set in a post apocalypse world, this a modern day romeo and juliet tale except that our Romeo is a zombie and Juliet a living girl

Its a match made to survive dead

Rating : 3.5


It’s lukewarm

I picked up this book after watching the movie and In a way it was a blessing because I feel that if i had not watched the movie prior to reading the book, I may have been confused and left blurry about half of the stuff in the book

The plot is nice and the language is simple, pleasant and easy to read and pretty attracting but having said that I would also say that the book lacks a proper narration technique and it makes the book bleed out of its goodness. There are points where there is a transition from present to past and one character to another but due to inefficient narration techniques, you get lost as to what is happening and whether the author is talking about the past or the present or who exactly are we talking about. Also at times the book gets too drifty with philosophies and ideologies and life lessons however these are not fatal as you might think as the book still is a fun read. Although it is not your usual zombie stuff

For the sake of being a nit picking and pedantic psycho, I could point out that there are flaws to the whole concept and the way it proceed but then if you read it as a fun novel then it is cute and bearable just like the movie

The story is good and so is the language but narration is poor with no smooth transitions between scenes and characters and at times you get confused. Lucky for me I had watched the movie first, so I could enjoy the book much more easily. It is good but is kind of a work to keep track

Now that i have read the book, i say, the movie is a much better version


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