Book Review: The Blood Gospel by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell


Book : The Blood Gospel

Author: James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell 

Plot: After an earthquake in Masda, the earth has opened up secrets of the pasts in bits and parts which starts a journey involving an archaeologist, a priest and a soldier on a dangerous path that ends up revealing secrets far more superior from the comprehension of this world and bringing bible alive like never before.

rating : 4/5


Fantastic culmination of biblical and paranormal elements

Reviving from a self induced Book reading Hiatus, I finally finished Blood gospel which is a combined effort of authors James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell and now I m in awe of this book.

The book is an adrenaline rush with the way it flows from one terrain to another and landing at a place that you least expect. The plot is very cunning and kind of mixed with too much of paranormal elements. the book actually is on a completely different level by bringing a whole lot of biblical characters alive and portraying in a way you would never expect.

The book can be a bit complex and you need to be constantly at pace with its flow and the character introductions. The flow is perfect and the narration brilliant and gripping. Apart from the fact that there is so much depth and things happening in the book that at times you will sweat reading the book, The Blood Gospel is a fabulous paranormal and thriller read.

The book is fantastic. Yes the story is a bit complex and has lot of intricacies to it but at the same time it adds to the whole appeal of the book. The plot is sharp, with good narration. I realized later that this was actually a part of series but nevertheless I did not feel anything missed out and it proved to be a good stand alone read.