Movie Review: Warm Bodies

Movie: Warm Bodies

Starring : Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer

Plot: A Romantic Comedy set in a post apocalyptic world, warm bodies is a tale of a Zombie and a living girl in love struggle against hatred and evil. The movie is based on  Isaac Marion’s novel of the same name

Rating: 4/5

Short, sweet and crisp

I had skipped on this one expecting it to be another zombie movie and since I had not read the book I was not sure whether  I wanted to actually watch it but then I recently read some blogs that carried  praises for this movie and that Is why I decided to give it a try.

Warm bodies is a simple and fortunately well paced movie that does not stall or hover around much and thus giving  a decent watch. I for one did not find this movie overly exciting or boring. It was good and watchable with certain elements of humor though for some reason I found the plot a bit undercooked. But it is kind of a recurring phenomenon with any movies that is adapted from a book. Usually during the transition from a book to movie, the details get omitted, maybe because of time constraints or for movie sensibilities.

In short it is a sweet romantic comedy that follows the age old story of Romeo and Juliet except in this case our Romeo is a zombie and Juliet a living person.

Review after reading the book

after reading the book, i feel that the book is a much better version though yes certain blanks were filled on reading the book and the movie had kind of left out certain parts but still book was kind of tough to keep track of and movie was much more enjoyable in terms of plot and narration