Book Review : A Father’s Son by Richard Harris

afs_cover3Book : A Father’s Son

Author: Richard Harris

Plot : Set in the 80’s, the book is not behind in resonating with the modern day lives, where the relationships are brittle and sometimes requires a disastrous turn to acknowledge its value. A Father’s son is the tale of Justin who is forced to live with his father with whom, he never had a good relationship. But now as circumstances have made them live under the same roof. Things starts changing. Its too late for Justin to realize what his father stands for like many of us.

Rating : 4/5


I m an emotional wreck right now 

First of all a huge thanks to the author Richard Harris for lending me a copy to read and review and also to my book buddy Aditi Saha for recommending the book to me and my name to the author for an honest review.

Well I should start by saying that I hate the author. Why? Because he made me cry so bad towards the end of the book that even after I have completed it, I m still teary eyed and have a empty box of tissues in front of me and in desperate need of another one because the damn tears won’t stop flowing. In my entire reading spree I do not reckon a circumstance where I have actually got emotionally lost in the book that I kept crying and crying even when I m writing the review.

There is a strange thing I noticed with this book. I saw the growth of the author as a writer, if I may say so. With prior apologies in order, let me start with the fact that the book started with a choppy narration and an irregular flow. There was no smooth transition from one incident to another or cutting you from present to something in the past in a silky way. But then eventually through the development of the chapters, I started noticing the track of the book getting a steady pace unlike the initial chapters. It became sort of more organized. Of course I understand that there is always a scope for improvement and I actually see the potential.
Towards the last chapters the author had started tugging all the weak and emotional places and I still do not remember reading the final chapter thoroughly as I was too choked up and Niagara falls were flowing throughout. It was emotionally spot-on striking the perfect chords and in fact not many can do that. There are only few words in the last chapters but it was enough for me to end up in tears and leaving the book with a heavy heart. The characters of the book are one of the brightest asset of the book. Each one and no matter how long they appear are fully developed and perfectly able to resonate with you. I totally fell in love with the character of “ The father” who came across as a powerful reason to read the book. The character development is brilliant in my opinion 

I have always boasted of my ability to not to be a emotional wreck and holding my tears perfectly balanced to the extent of being called robot ( ok that was too much may be….but you get the point )but this book totally destroyed that reputation
The book actually made me want to go back and spend time with my dad and actually made me visualize my relationship with him in a new perspective. It showed me how in my years of growing up I have actually taken granted the love and care of my father so easily and the book actually gave a very valid point that “ the people in our lives are not going to there forever and we should squeeze in whatever time we could to reap the best of memories”

Oh shit and here goes my tears again….Somebody hand me a tissue before I short-circuit my keyboard.

Let’s be honest the book has its shortfalls with a choppy narration and irregular flow in the story towards the beginning but just like a wine, as you go through the book, it gets better and by the end of it if you are a human being with all your emotional abilities intact, you will shed bucket loads of tears. The last chapter of the book left me crying and gasping for air. The author has definitely got the skills to tug people’s heart. This book made me revisit my relationship with my dad and believe it or not wanted to actually go and hug him.