Book Review : Embers & ice (Rouge # 2) by Isabella modra


Book : Embers & Ice (Rouge #2)

Author : Isabella Modra

Rating : 5/5

Plot : Taking it from the Cliffhanger of the First book, Embers & Ice takes into a whole new chapter of Hunter’s and Joshua’s life alike where both are trying to deal with the consequences of the event that transpired in the last book


Oh my god 

Rogue the first in this series ended at a very crucial point leaving you curious about the sequel and for all those who have read Rogue and are waiting for the copy of Embers & Ice or simply deciding whether to proceed with the series, i say dive in people ,because the sequel is nothing like the first book, it is completely on a different platform and one heck of a ride that will leave you gasping for air at the end.

Undoubtedly Embers & ice is the best book in the whole series and far superior. The second book actually went on to remove all my complaints regarding the first book, that it is filled with usual young adult elements because the second book was nothing like that i have read before and the plot… Oh my god what a roller coaster ride. The best part is again the narration and the flow of the whole book. If you were not that impressed with Rogue no problem, Embers & Ice will make you fall in love with the series.

Why the second book is so good for me is because,foremost of the plot which flows strong with powerful events, wicked story plots and mind blowing twists and turns and unlike other young adult book it does not hover or drag along too much with emotional dramas though it is not Completely devoid of the same. The whole book actually focus strongly on events and does not drag.It is pretty fast paced and exciting all along with events that you would not even anticipate happening all along.

The characters are all grown up and goes through a whole lot of things and you will see all of them in a different light making you wonder as to are these the same people that were in the first book and that too in a good way. There is a whole lot of new characters introduced in the second book and you will start resonating and embarking their journey with full conviction.

But again i hate how like the first book, Embers & ice leaves you at a crucial turn that you feel like pulling your hair. If you have read the book you will understand what i am pointing at. The author definitely knows how to make people crave because i am getting really impatient for the next series and hopefully it exceeds the second book .

Embers & ice is definitely the best in the series surpassing Rogue in a thousand different ways. The plot is very different and nothing like i have read before and most importantly the plot is very intriguing with a whole lot of twists and turns and the best part is that it is fast paced and does not have dull moments. The star of the whole book is definitely the language and narration. If you are confused about the series then i will say that the second book will be rewarding. Like the first book, the second book too leaves us at a cliffhanger.