Book Review : Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes



Book : Into the Darkest Corner

Author : Elizabeth Haynes

Plot: “Into the darkness “narrates the tale of Catherine who ends up being in a relationship with the wrong person and the consequences of that led to her stop trusting people and living a life in fear.

Rating : 4/5


Darkness served at its best 

This book gave me chills that still has not gone down.
it brings to you the consequences of being in a relationship with the wrong person quite vividly and also the toll it takes on the life of a person. It is true that after we go through a tragedy we never go back to being the same and that is what the whole story is about in my opinion. It changes the very core of us.”in the darkest corner” tells us the tale of one such incident that changes the life of our character “catherine” and the way the author narrates the story by going to and fro from the modern day catherine to the person that she was in the past shows us and makes us understand the way her life and character changes because of a horrifying chapter in her life.

The story is horrifyingly gripping and the author does not jump into conclusions or circumstances directly. So through gradual process we learn about what happened in catherine’s life, and how it affected her and changed the person she was. This book definitely has one of the best narration flow for a plot i have ever seen. The language even though is nice, there are various places where i found it choppy, and out of context or swaying without purpose but that only goes in certain places otherwise it is fine though i would not say it is the best as i believe language needs a bit of work especially less usage of colloquial terms. The characters and plot lines are nicely developed and i loved the fact that it is very realistic.

The flow of book is good and in spite of being a little lengthy you still get attached to the whole plot and its characters and it is actually a very favourable factor for any book. It definitely is scary to see the dark side of a person which we miss all the time in spite of every senses in our body sending a red signal.

The book has got a very good plot development along with its characters. The characters are very real and placeable in our world and the author has refrained making any of them larger than life and has portrayed them with equal amount of strength and weakness which makes the story believable and relating. The language at times appears to be broken and i m not a great fan of it. But story and the narration technique covers for it perfectly and in the end i would say that this book is for those who can tolerate depiction of abuse and brutality even though it is not that graphic. Definitely not for the weak hearts