Book Review : Blood Fever by Charlie Higson



Book: Blood Fever

Author: Charlie Higson

Plot: We all know James Bond as the indestructible spy but its time we know him as a young boy studying at Eton and stumbling upon a nasty plot of pirates and kidnapping in a far away island in Sardinia.

Rating: 4/5


The name is Bond. James Bond . and the book is keeping up the name fortunately. I guess so in spite of the fact that i have not actually read the original Iam Flemming books but in my defence i have watched the movies and every single one of them from sean connery to now Daniel craig

The book and the plot is good and also reminded me how my brain is developed only to the level where i find books meant for 13 year olds to be perfectly in sync with my pace and understanding. Yah !! cheers to that

The book is simple with straight cut plot which means it is no maze where you have no idea who is who and what is what. The plot keeps untying on its way to end and keeps you entertained all through. The book is actually second in series where they take you into the life of James Bond when he was just a boy studying in Eton, one of the Prestigious all Boys school. The Book has got enough thrills and turns to keep in interesting

It is simple with good plot filled with enough to keep you glued to the book. After all its bond. James Bond