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If you have lately found yourself wondering, how to write poems. Simple I will explain and show you how to write poetry that not only efficiently delivers ever time but trumps the inevitable writer block. First step create a topic and stick with it throughout your writing, complete your rough draft and do at least two to three revisions. Second have a test audience, Let me be clear they must provide honest feedback, criticism is a poets greatest asset. Finally publish your work on a blog and share it via social media and see how it resonates, from there you may tailor it to fit the audience that gravitates towards your work. Writing a poem a day may help, note this may be a challenge at first but one you will soon overcome. I have an example for you below by Poetry Lobby

 poetry blog

Loosing ourselves to a world that vehemently makes us change

If you don’t fit in with the status quo then your going to loose this game

Deficiency of acceptance will meet a most viable demise

Seeking the reassurance of others we often compromise


Uncertain for sure we can candidly call this freedom

Taught to work in corporate plantations, but never given a reason

Masking ourselves to those around us, hoping we will blend

Not embracing what’s inside, Suppressing it within


Taught to be this way from tv, news, and entertainment

I promise this meant to vent, this isn’t me complaining

Life is a giant wave with an ocean to explore

As we drift away, that’s when we can be ourselvespoetry blog - Blank

We don’t have to hide no-more


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