Book Review : Breakable by Tammara webber ( Contours of the Heart #2)



Book : Breakable ( Contours of the Heart #2)

Author : Tammara Webber

Plot: The book is Lucas/Landon’s point of view for the book Easy, the first book in the contours of the heart series

Rating : 3/5


It is sort of disappointing 

I love you Tammara Webber but i m sorry to say that Easy is one of my favourite books and hopefully will remain so in spite of the fact that its sequel/prequel did not appeal to me that much.

I had avoided reading Breakable for so long fearing that I may start hating Easy based on my experiences with other books that I have liked but ruined by its male pov sequels/prequels
The book fortunately does not suffer from feminization of the male character that we loved and adored.

Landon/Lucas is very much the same person if I may say so. Author has actually worked to maintain the authenticity of the male character without sounding too feminine like in so many cases I have gone through. In fact she had done it so brilliantly that I could not believe that this came from a female author.

Now lets talk about what went wrong with the book. The book is a parallel journey of Lucas/ Landon’s past and then what happened in the first book, Easy through his POV. The past of Lucas/Landon is actually the interesting and good part of the book because it brings a whole lot of new things to learn and read apart from what we already read in the first book. The past versions make it like reading the book for the first time but when it comes to the part where he explains the story in Easy, from his point of view, that is when the book starts bleeding. Why? Because it runs too long with emotions and less incidents. Too much thought process and explanations making it long and boring and then the worst is when it merely falls down to being an erotica version of Easy. Yes. That is what is happening towards the later part of the book. It all about damn sex, going way too long with its description and ironically I loved easy because it was clean and nice and smooth.

I actually had to skim read (wait !! that is a word …right? )a whole lot of portion because of getting too sticky and yucky and my brain opened only when they stopped doing and the narration went back to Lucas/Landon’s past. The book feels painfully lengthy

The book fortunately does not feminize our dear male character which is a blessing but the book which starts interestingly becoming lengthy and monotonous with too much emotional conflicts by the middle of the book and while explaining what happened in the first book, Easy through Landon/Lucas’s POV,the book painfully slips into being an erotica. Too much explanation and dedication to the sex episodes which I don’t even remember being there in Easy