Book review: This Girl (slammed #3) by colleen Hoover



Book: This Girl (Slammed #3)

Author: Colleen Hoover

Plot: Lake and Will are married and now will shares his side of what transpired the events between them in the very first book and so basically This Girl is will’s point of view on Slammed.

Rating : 2.5/5


Its official…Will the male character of the series has gone to the feminine side 

I m alive … I m alive
I never thought I will come out alive from this but I actually did…oh thank god… …oh wait the puke is back…

I m sorry for all those who loved the book but the thing is I m actually intolerant to sweet romances and that is the only reason I could not find good things to say. For god sake I m trying to watch my weight and then a book like this comes with truck load of sugars and now my butt has gone so fat that I can barely shift in my seat…anyways lets be serious and talk about the book

Do not let the synopsis/description of the book mislead you as this book is nothing new except for the first book being revisited from will’s point of view which I will admit was cleverly done in a way of going through flashbacks through the conversations between Will and lake on their honeymoon amidst doing other things 😉

Plot wise there is nothing new, no new earth shattering revelations it is just pretty much the same things that were there in slammed being told from a different angle which could have been nice if Will would have stopped PMSing and giving all the ladies a run for their moneys with such tenderness and romance oozing from him. i will admit that yes the book has some sweet moments but still under the feminization effect, it lost its charm for me just like it did in point of retreat. 

Let me quote some examples with lines used in the book that I have practically read in million other new adult books

“That look on her face…she looks sad. And for some reason, i don’t like it” 
(Dude will you relax…you have met the girl for the first time and what it is to you if she looks sad or happy or angry…I call it creeping out a girl who is just moving into a new neighbourhood…way to extend hospitality and safety assurance) 

I’m not staring because of the fact that she’s attractive, which she is. It’s that look in her eyes. The depth. I want to know what she’s thinking” 
(you are freaking me out…. And please make up your mind….is she pretty or not…. And the depth….who talks like that…certainly not the guys that live on this planet…. Trust me I have 28 years of experience to vouch for that…. Most guys would be like….OOOO…look at that junk or trunk…or whatever testosterone lingo goes around…. Oh by the way ..what is she thinking?….she is thinking…. Stop staring at me ass**** ) 

christ. This is the last thing i need in my life right now. A crush…. 
(come on which young adult/new adult book character actually does want it)

Its lines like these that made me hate the book …and these ones were actually the least harmful when I think about it.

The book has nothing new to offer in terms of plot except for revisiting slammed from Will’s point of view which I believe it did terribly for the book is an overload of sugary romance with too much feministic behavioral pattern from Will that you actually forget that this is the same guy from Slammed. So much crying and whining that Lake actually come across as the one who is wearing the pants. The book could not appeal to me because I hate sugary romance but if you are a fan of such books then “This girl” will be a treat for you because the book practically is overflowing with chocolate coated words, romantic gestures …all a bit too carcinogenic for me and in my opinion when they say “ this girl” it is actually referring to will ;(