TV Review : FIFA WORLD CUP 2014

World Cup 2014 watermarked



 Day 01: 13th June

Brazil vs Croatia

Score Card : Brazil -3: Croatia- 1


of Course this was the very first match of  2014 world cup and that being played on their home ground so naturally there was a tremendous amount of pressure on Brazil and its star player Neymar Jr and of course they did come out as winners of the match by beating Croatia with three points.Interestingly whenever Neymar took control of ball, the whole stadium would be drowned by cheers and applauds as if God himself had come down and technically sitting at home and watching the match miles away,i was one of the cheering and screaming fans

The very first score in the game was scored by Croatia and the credits goes to Marcello form Brazil’s team who managed to score goal for his opposition team so generously though in his defence it was an accident but was so funny and hilarious that i could not stop laughing till the half time was over his bad luck and sheer stupidity. The Croatians barely made the goal when Marcello accidentally came in contact with the ball and made it through the goal. Had not Brazilians won the game, Marcello would have been recipient of whole lot of torture from his country.

You have to give credits to Marcello for never shying away from the ball after this embarrassing mishap and actually did make efforts in saving a whole lot of croatian goals.

Pletikosa, the Croatian’s Goalkeeper was one tough goal keeper never allowing the goals to even remotely come close and gave a really tough time for Brazilians.

One of the highlights was the yellow card for Neymar jr which was amidst a lot of controversy for many thought that the refree let him slide easy for what was a clear red card penalty but whatever may be the basis of that little argument Neymar actually scored the very first goal for the Brazilians right after that keeping up his reputation and that of his team

Brazilian coach had to be one of the most aggressive and animated coach i have ever seen for he could be seen yelling and shouting throughout the match.

The second goal in Brazil’s pocket came through the penalty shot kick by Neymar Jr which was a beautifully done one in spite of a tough goal keeper from Croatia

The final goal was one of the most unexpected and brilliant one of the entire match earned by Oscar from Brazil in the very last moment of the match right after Neymar left the field on substitution.

The match was no doubt a well played match with its share of controversies and surprises as a preview to the world cup ahead.


 Day 02: 14th June

Chile Vs Australia



Before today I did not even bother for both the team but after today


What a performance by Chile. Well technically it comes down to two major players Alexis Sanchez and Valdivia. These two were the only one who seemed to be in control and actually playing.

IN THE FIRST HALF CHILE WAS LIKE A TORNADO and TWO BRILLIANT GOALS BY SANCHEZ AND VALDIVIA set the whole mood for the match and then the GOAL KEEPER of CHILE was one of the most active of the goalies (fine I m not too good with the technical terminologies so don’t try being pedantic ….go for the emotions here people) I have ever seen .He never even let the aussies come near the goal post let alone score one and that’s something.

SECOND HALF WAS ACTUALLY WHEN AUSTRALIA DECIDED TO WAKE UP AND PLAY but never mind it was useless and the only goal they ever achieved was all thanks to TIM CAHILL who I will admit was the only person that was impressive from the Yellow team who were MORE FOCUSED ON COLLECTING YELLOW CARD. Chile on the other hand just kept being cat to the ball by passing and rolling over it




 Columbia Vs Greece


This has to be the most injurious match ever played in my opinion because right into five minutes of the game everybody was getting elbowed or shin tackled and falling all over the ground. The match had not even started and I was only getting comfortable in my seat when Columbia scored its first point thanks to Pablo Armero and then we saw the celebration dance for the next five minutes thinking what just happened.

After that throughout the match I felt that Greece had come just to get injured by Columbia and I had never seen such aggressive team ever. It seemed like Each Greek player went home with bruises enough to compensate their loss. At least they could say “ hey it was not our fault that our team lost, I was beaten pretty badly on the field and I have the bruises to prove it”.

When I saw the Chile vs Australia match, I thought that the Refree was unnecessarily harsh by threatening and distributing yellow cards like a birthday present but then in this particular match when I could actually see the places where a yellow card was required, the players were left unnoticed. Technically Both sides got four yellow cards each to boast as achievement but to me Columbia required more than what was actually given for being so hands on (literally). The kicked balls (both literally and symbolically) and I guess limping Greeks can vouch for what I meant.

First point was scored within the first 10 minutes of the game by Pablo Armero for Columbia and the second was scored by Teófilo Gutiérrez which was a brilliantly scored one but what was the most amazing score of the match was by James Rodríguez. I m still shocked as to how it happened because he managed to do so barely minutes left for the match to get over.

Now if you see the score card of Columbia 3 and Greece 0 you would think that Greece was a bad time. Absolutely not. Greece was fair enough but somehow seemed to be cursed because every time the ball went near the goal it got deflected even when it was right in the front of the goal post and the goal keeper was far from reach. That’s how bad their luck was apart from the fact that everybody was getting thrown to the ground by the Columbians.i actually felt bad for Georgias Samaras for trying so hard to get a goal yet getting the wrath of gods at the last moment while gods favored Columbians generously by giving them a goal even at the very last moment

The match was far from football it was more of an air ball where ball spend half of its time in air than on actual grounds. The match in my opinion was a struggle between equally bad or equally average team where none outshone in caliber except for one team’s luck

16th June

Argentina Vs Bosnia

Score card: Argentina- 2 Bosnia- 1


Argentina of course is one of the most looked upon team in the whole world cup and a whole lot of eyes and expectations rides with them and the reason for me to watch the match is none less than Lionel Messi.  But the match had to be one of the most lethargic and boring i have ever seen. Lionel was not even fully there in the first half.

The first goal of the match was scored by Sead Kolašinac in the first three minutes of the game which he managed to do so by a flick of his head and directing the free kick from Messi to its goal.yes such generous of him to do that for his opposite team. Not a thoroughly played shot but nevertheless a good one and bagging the first score for Argentina

Romero was another player from Argentina , proud asset and the Goal Keeper to Argentina who showed a nice performance by actually saving Bosnia from gaining goal not once but twice and thus giving a nice safe

The whole match was sluggish and it seemed the Argentinians were not even so bothered. The whole match saw slow ball moments and runs and taking it leisurely but after the first half things started picking up pace and Messi went on to give the second goal for Argentina and this one was actually a clever shot by Messi.

Vedad Ibišević got the very first goal for Bosnia and it was a well calculated and played goal from him which missed the goal keeper Romero from Argentina by hairline .

The whole match was slow but towards the last three minutes, the match just took a fast pace when the Argentinians saw a chance for Bosnia to take away the game with them with just one point far but nevertheless the game lay loyal to Argentina and scoring them their first victory.

16th June

Germany Vs Portugal

Score Card : Germany-4 Portugal- 0

Germany v Portugal: Group G - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Germany-vs-Portugal-FIFA-World-Cup-2014-10

The amount of energy that was in  this particular game was amazing. It was thunderbolt right from the onset. i never saw the game becoming slow till the very end and that my dear friends is how a game should be played but unfortunately it was also one of the disappointing games as well for I had so much hopes on Ronaldo and he was the reason why i was watching the match in the first place.

To be fair Ronaldo did manage to get the ball close to goal but unfortunately the calculations were all wrong maybe due to his injury but nevertheless showing weakness of the team whose sole hope lay with Ronaldo

Barely 11 minutes into the game and Thomas Müller of Germany gained the  first goal of  the match and for Germany through a penalty shot of course but nevertheless a well played one

One of the star performer from Portugal was Nani and showed some amazing skills but too bad as none of his efforts saw through successful goals.

Mats Hummels  scored the second goal for Germany by a mere head deflect that made sure that the Germans had their shot into goal

There was a moment in the game when Nani from Portugal almost had the space and clear path to goal and all he had to do was get it through but he went on to pass it to Ronaldo who was miles away. Had not Nani made that decision to pass a clear shot to Ronaldo who was not only weak but surrounded by Germans all around, the Portuguese would had at least one goal for themselves rather than going home with a zero. I would call that the stupidest mistake the Portuguese did in the game oh wait but then there was that thing with Pepe, another idiotic episode in the game

Pepe actually managed to Head butt Thomas Müller of Germany right in the middle of the ground and went on to have an argument when it was clearly his mistake and stupidity and earned himself a red card and was shown out of the stadium meanwhile leaving the Portuguese one man less and leaving them to defend themselves against a strong team like German with mere 10 players.

Thomas Müller of Germany managed to gain the third goal for Germany and a second for his credit which was a brilliantly played shot that took down the Portuguese goal keeper and saw through a successful goal

Portugal kept getting struck again and again with bad luck as Fabio was pulled out of the match due to a hamstring injury bringing that quote alive :”injury to insult” but then Germany was also not far behind as short after Fabio’s exit, Hummels from Germany was also taken out due to a knee injury

Thomas Müller of Germany was definitely the star performer by gaining two goals in a match

I still do not feel like appreciating portugal team for so many reasons like

a) trusting the entire fate of the team on a player who was recovering from an injury and perhaps was not in his best shape to play a national game and who could not even get three free kicks work in his favour so much that even the German goal keeper was not even putting much resistance as if he knew that they would never get a goal

b) for not teaching its players to play professionally and rather like street kids and ending up earning red card for arguing and hitting players from the opposite team.

The match even though was one of the most fast paced and energetic was also the one one where i saw a whole lot of stupidity


 22nd June

Portugal Vs USA

score card : Portugal- 2: USA- 2




The game started with high energy level from Portugal while USA cameoff as a bit down on energy levels

In this particular game it seemed like Nani learnt his lesson from the last game they played with Germany because this time around when he had a clear shot, he took it and delivered it perfectly giving Portugal its very first goal. So under 5 minutes of the game, nani scored the very first goal of the match and for portugal

Like as a tradition this time around too one of the portugal player had to be taken out of the field due to injury. Ronaldo on the other hand seemed to be least handy player for the team .

USA to me did not seemed to be  a strong team enough and portugal even though with their lack of strategies still was a better team. Dempsey seemed to really bad with his luck for every time he took a shot, it was deflected away easily showing a lack of calculation and interpretation of the goal. Bradley too seemed to be doing the same mistake but in his defence he was trying to get a shot from really far. Tim Howard, the goal keeper for USA showed a tremendous act by recovering fast when he evaded two goals from portugal consecutively. It was amazing as how he recovered quickly from the first safe to block the second goal too.

Costa from Portugal did one of the impressive safes i have ever seen when he managed to take out a shot launched by Bradley which was definitely a sure goal but thanks to Costa it was a perfect safe.

The first goal for USA and the second goal for the match was scored by Jermaine Jones and it was kind of unexpected one but nevertheless scored USA their first goal

Clint Dempsey after recovering from his bad luck , scored the second goal for USA in the second half  and it was a well deserved one because frankly Portugal let him take that shot without showing much resistance

At the very last moment, barely 2 minutes left in the game Silvestre Varela scored the second goal, one which i would admit was done with the assistance of Ronaldo

and finally i would like to end the review with

Letter to Christiano Ronaldo

The only reason i ever watch a portugal match is to see you in action and do something amazing that can compensate for the success and the name you hold but you seemed to be breaking every image you have ever created and that too at a time when your skills are most required. when you know you have the whole world’s eyes on you. If you use the injury card then i would like to say that instead of disappointing millions of fan with your lack of performance, you should have opted for not playing the game.

Talking about the Portugal vs Germany  game would be a waste of time because from the very first kick it was obvious that the Germans were going to crash you to the ground into dust, which they did by not even allowing you to score one goal. So lets talk about Portugal Vs USA game. you have to admit that USA was not a great team and with a bit of effort and strategy you could have taken them and not coming as a tie in an unimpressive game

At about 4th minute of the game you did show some amazing leg work but it was vain. But after that you went on to become the least available player for the team standing miles away from the ball’s path. Your team thrived on your name and actual skill of real players. Nani seemed to be the only player that seemed to be working for the team.

At around 28th minute of the game, Almeda had given you a perfect pass and all you had to do was a head butt/flick or whatever you needed to do to make sure that the ball was in the goal and Portugal would had a score for them. Even if that is left alone, then there is the fact that there were three penalty shots, perfect opportunity which you could not use it your advantage ,that makes me wonder about all the reputation that you have accumulated over the year .

At 72nd minute of the game you gave up a perfect shot and gave us a shrug as your explanation because you thought that it was not a nice one…What the hell…i almost threw my TV at that but managed to calm myself before i regret breaking my TV and missing rest of the world cup matches

But at the end you did manage to assist that goal which Varela scored so i guess all can be forgiven provided you are able to show skill in the next match though at this point it would not matter as Portugal is way back to have any advantage in this world cup

And finally i would like to say that maybe its time that you stop paying attention to your vanity and being vain and posing nude on magazines and actually think about keeping your head in the game.

An angry fan..