Book Review : The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris

Silence of the Lamb


Book: The silence of the Lambs

Author: Thomas Harris

Plot: There is a serial killer active but no body has a clue as to how to even trace or start and the only scope is a psychopath killer Hannibal Lector. But will he help or let the cops on a rouge trail and enjoying the desperation from his prison.

Rating: 4/5


good plot and flow 

The book is kind of classic so what can be said about it that will be new and different from what has already been quoted. The book was a success and when converted into a movie was even a bigger success than the book and in fact so much that it is practically a cult conceiver giving its actors a milestone performances of their lives especially Anthony Hopkins. Anyways right now let us focus on the book.

There is a vast difference between a young adult book and an adult one in terms of the language and for a person who is dwindling between the two genres, the transition can be a little hard to cope. Maybe that is the reason why in spite of an amazing story line, I found trouble with the language of the book and then there are way too many jargons too. That is the one thing that I did not find good about the book. The plot on the other hand is pretty gripping. Yes there are too many characters but at the same time giving you that edge which is required of a good thriller.

The characters are developed till what is required for the story and too much work is not done on their backgrounds and character traits which help you retain your grip on the story rather than the character traits.

The book is a classic and goes way back to be reviewed or revisited now but in my experience the plot is no doubt amazing and a good thriller but for me the language with too many technical terms was a bit hard to be actually impressed with but book is phenomenonal and a treasure for a thriller fan.




Trailer of the movie based on the book