Book Review : Demons at Deadnight (Divinicus Nex Chronicles, #1) by A&E Kirk

Demons at Deadnight - Cover


 Book: Demons at Deadnight (Divinicus Nex Chronicles, #1)

Author: A&E Kirk

Plot: Aurora can see demons but nobody knows that including her family but ever since she has moved back to her old home, she has been under attack by Demons , kind of on a Daily basis and only thing that can ensure her safety and her family’s is to be close to the Hex Boys, which is not a bad thing considering that they have supernatural powers and most importantly are smoking hot but then there is that one thing…. they could kill her for the ability she possess

Rating: 5/5


It’s a Laugh riot 

I m in love with this book for making me blush, laugh and putting me in high spirits and getting through monotonous days. Characters are fun especially the central characters. The book is hilarious and keeps the humor intact till the very last page unlike other books which starts funny and end up being cliché and sob stories. One girl with witty tongue and six boys …not bad at all…. The book just made my day. i had a hard time proving to people around me that i was sane and have not lost my mind completely because the book kept me cracking up at every point and to an outsider it gave them all the very reason to believe that i have finally bid adieu to all the sanity left in me.

The plot is good but when you compare it with the usual paranormal books it may not come as different but what makes it worth is the narration and most importantly humour. The book was good for me just because of the funny quotient and which was kind of generously displayed throughout the book.

Plot is kind of the usual variety:

girl with power and clueless about its intensity, chased by evil, lives in danger, hot guy protecting and helping her, a final clash, everything returning to normal, new development, scope for the next book..

But the characters and the funny incidents throughout keep it interesting and fun
There is a whole lot of colloquial/street expressions and terms for my taste in the book and that is why I m not a very big fan of the language as such but again let me repeat for the nth time that it is hilarious and covers up for every bad things perfectly 
like in the case when in the start of the book, all these characters were dropping in unannounced and without proper introductions that i had a really hard time tracking who is who

i know i may be spoiling this for you but i found it extremely funny as to how our central character, Aurora/ rory always kept ending up in hospital and considering that her father was a doctor, it was actually hilarious

The book is a laugh riot. The characters are funny especially the female lead and makes for a pretty interesting read. Though I m not a big fan of the language used but still this book gave me a real good laugh in a very long time. Fantastic and brilliant lines all through the book.