Book Review: BlackBird by Anna Carrey



Book: BlackBird

Author : Anna Carey

Plot: Los Angles. A girl wakes up on a rail track with no memory. Not even aware of who she is and her background or the least even her name. What follows is her efforts in seeking out the truth

Rating: 3.5/5


Where is the rest of the book? 

Admittedly this was my first experience reading a book written in second person and because of which I had a little trouble getting a grip over the whole narrative technique of the book. it is kind of weird with lines like “you are now doing this” ” you are now about to do that.” It was more or less like my mom. Running and shouting around “miss, you are going to do this, right NOW”.

Blackbird is exactly like Jason Bourne, waking up with no recollection of who you are and where you are and then through the progress of the book, secrets gets revealed and questions put at rest. (in theory) 

The book is a good ride with nice pace but the thing is that while many of the questions get answered, there are a whole lot that rises and left unanswered. I believe that the book is a duology and the second part has not released as of today and is scheduled for 2015 release.

Blackbird ends in a cliffhanger. Well technically you could not call it a cliffhanger because it was more like unfinished. According to me the book has a rushed up ending. A whole lot of things are left in the air and making it more confusing. The end of the book should be where all the loose ends gets tied up but in case of Blackbird it is at the end that things get more puzzling at least for me. 

The book is done In second narration which requires a bit effort. The plot is in my opinion half baked though narration is quite good and fast paced. The ending was something that I m still confused about because the book ends too quickly without answering certain questions and opening up some more.