Book Review : Earth Sentinels by Shaman Elizabeth Herrera


Book : Earth Sentinels : The storm Creators

Author : Shaman Elizabeth Herrera

Plot : Exploitation on nature are on its full course and its consequences are affecting the live of millions.Its time for some of them to put an end to this and make the world take notice of the atrocities they are doing on mother nature in name of development . Together they will become the EARTH SENTINELS and do anything in their power to protect their home, their land, our world.

Rating: 5/5



First of all a huge hug and thanks to Shaman Elizabeth Herrera , the author, for sharing the copy of her book with me. But do not take this as the reason why I loved the book. Yes I m grateful for the copy but there are whole other reasons why I loved the book.
Earth sentinels definitely stands out for the plot. The plot is fantastic and the way it has been treated makes for an interesting read. What I like about the treatment is the fact that the author has chopped the story into small blocks so that you are not caught up in too much intricacies and webs of the plot . You are able to move into the whole story gradually and fully involved and I thought ,that was a really clever way of narration. Had not been for this level of narration the reader would have gone lost because there are too many characters and individual stories and it would have been difficult to catch up with each character.

The story moves at a great speed and the language is beautiful as well. While first half introduces the entire characters. The second half is where the actual story comes into full bloom and does so pretty interestingly. In spite of telling a complex story involving a whole lot of characters, I felt the author eased the readers into the plot very delicately and keeping it intriguing.

I still don’t know how to describe the book as in spite of being filled with fantasy elements and mystical worlds, it is very much real and intertwined with the modern world. A great thought process is definitely visible in the story

The book for one has a pretty unique and interesting story line and with a good technique in narration, it does not burdens you with the plot and its detailing in fact the author has made it quite an easy read with an intelligent treatment in my opinion. The book definitely makes for an interesting read