Book Review : Point of Retreat (slammed #2) by Colleen Hoover



Book: Point of Retreat

Author: Colleen Hoover

Rating: 2.5/5


My point of retreat was right after the first chapter 

I am going to start my review with an apology to all those who have loved Point of retreat and probably consider it as a bible and have placed it along with the statue of Virgin Mary and Jesus. I hated the book… I HATED IT and actually spend the whole time laughing and rolling on floors reading it . In fact so much that after the book ended I was having a bad case of stomach ache.

Now let’s start with the ranting.. I mean review 

Slammed was beautiful, nice and easy and gave me a good read so it was natural progression for me to read Point of Retreat the second in series and continuation of the story from the first one. Point of retreat picks up from where slammed finished.

What went wrong was the author’s decision to write the story from will’s (male character) point of view….BAD IDEA…. TERRIBLE IDEA … along with the weak plot.
The book is like a bible of clichés and had everything that I usually hate in a new adult romance book, cheesy lines, cheesy scenes, cheesy male character, whining female character and everything cheese and cheesy 

The book is divided into two parts.

The first part of the book starts being really adorable and cute with the kids and other new characters and without much of the romantic stuff but general everyday stuff that passes as funny but by second or third chapter there is the attack of “wishful thinking of the female author” and it gets annoyingly girly in spite of being written and narrated from a male point of view. It is way out of control and filled with a whole lot of the usual boyfriend and girlfriend stuffs that is very much predictable downright to the dialogues even. I m sorry to say this but the male character was PMSing all over the page…

This book is so damn cliché that even cliché is yelling that its cliché

it is like a recurring disease that whenever i read a male pov especially written by female authors, i hate it and starts wondering about the way a good book starts tumbling down the minute the male character sits down to “make it perfect” for the girl or shows “CARE” for her.

Compared to first half I would say that the second half was a bit different and good with an ounce of cliché .The turn of events was kind of unexpected so i will give points for surprising me with the second half but then again towards the end there was so much sugary scenes and dialogues that I passed out and the end was a tear jerker for me…but not for the reasons you think.. it was tears of joy, that the book has ended.

Slammed was something that was perfect for me and then point of retreat made me regret the decision of continuing the series

The book Is a sugar overload with a predictable plot and “Girlier than Girl” male character, cheesy lines that it becomes more of a comic ride after sometime. It could be me and my tolerance to overly sugar coated dialogues and romance, but this book was a disaster right from the time it started to be a Male POV narration. The book starts with good and cute humour, taken over by PMSing male character and then stumbles upon something good only to be melted away with the sugariness… So much sugar …I could not take it and that’s why I m cutting off sugar for a month because I m pretty sure I have got all the sugar I need for a year in my system after reading this book.