Book Review: Slammed (slammed #1) by Colleen Hoover



Book : Slammed

Author : Colleen Hoover

Plot : Layken is moving to Michigan after the death of the family. Just opposite to her new home, is a guy named Will Cooper. The attraction is instant between both of them but what is that keeps them apart and forbids them to be together?

Rating : 5/5


Its cute. Its sweet 

OK. Fine. i started the book wanting to hate it and i kind of did through the initial couple of pages with things being cliché..and moving way too fast for my brain to actually cope with the logistics of the plot. i mean i could not possibly believe that after barely three meetings things could evoke strong connection between two people that on second meeting you are cupping each other’s face and by third meeting you are kissing and ready to go through all the available bases…?? .To me the things where moving really creepily fast and I don’t think if somebody touches me intimately or with an ounce of what you call Romance in bookish term and pervertism in my words, the guy would walk away with all ten fingers intact and then in the book by third meeting the guy was already kissing…. To me that felt like too impatient and reckless way to formulate the plot. But gradually I fell for the book in spite of all the troubles I had and by the end I was reaching for tissues ….why? ….because I m a girl and have stupid emotional hormones… which is making me weep while writing this ..  😦

The story is sweet and simple one and not devoid of the usual clichés like boy meet girl, boy saves girls, forbidden one, pain, anger etc etc but still it was really different and I don’t know how to explain it but I really had a good time reading it. I may not be a good fan of the poetry used in between but I m definitely fan of the fact that there were no mushy tear jerker lines.. Things were actually smooth, realistic in romantic novel sort of way.
The book definitely is worth it. It is short, sweet and in spite of somewhat predictable plot line, it still comes out as a good and fun book to read that is if you love romantic and young adult books.