Book Review : Horns by Joe Hills

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Book: Horns

Author: Joe Hills

Plot: Ignatius’s girlfriend Merrin Williams was brutally raped and killed a year ago and to commemorate this pain he drowns himself in alcohol only to wake up the next day with no recollection of the night passed and a set of horns on his head. Gradually he starts noticing the effects of these horns on others and on him. but will it be a guiding force to find the murderer or his own death?

Rating: 5/5


It’s indeed a devil that will grab you by its horns

I think the Goosebumps I got while reading this book has still not managed to settle down. If you love a good thriller yet without too much nuisances and complication then this is your book. (ok..maybe not … the end is somewhat still a big lump in my brain )The plot was something which was highly disturbing, intriguing, thrilling and at the same time leaving you open mouthed and speechless when asked to sum the experience. I m still short of words as to how exactly I can put this book in words so as to make you understand that the book is good will prick you with the pitchfork but at the end you will feel good… not in a creepy way but a good way… (I suppose..)

The story is brilliant and for a change the author does not keep you curious long enough to know the suspense but then does it mean the book is finished after the elements are out in the open? Hell no… ironically its after all the secrecies get revealed, that the book reaches its optimum entertainment… how?… read the book for god’s sake..

Yes there are bit areas where the language is kind of ….how do you say…. Hmm…. I don’t know… not impressive…I guess… or too complicated? However the book is amazing. Massively entertaining.

It’s a good thing that the book is getting converted into a movie starring Daniel Radicliffe (the harry potter guy) because I can’t wait to watch it on big screen provided they are sticking to the original version and all the goodness of the book.

While I loved the book…the ending was something that still haunts me as in not settling well… I still have no clue what happened in there….( or maybe it was my brain that stopped working halfway through all the creeps ???) 

On a personal note (forgive me father for i have sinned) i actually agreed and believed with many points that the author/character gave in support for satan… (i think i may have brought a ticket to hell with that statement but hey… as per the author/character… hell is where the party is …so… whats up satan bro…. !!! )

It was not till I finished the book and sat down to research about the author (read: typing the author’s name in google ) that I came to know that Joe Hill is actually the son of Stephen King…wow lineage is strong and since I have not read a single Stephen king book (oh yeah …. Pardon me for not wanting to pee out of scare at night or going into that delayed state of mental shock) I cannot actually say whether he has taken forward his father’s talent or is better. For me the author has done a superb work in this book.

The book is dark, wicked and entertainment at all turns. It keeps you feeding enough to not let go off the book till it’s over. Now that’s what I call a good entertainer 


Trailer for the movie based on the book