Tv Review : King and Maxwell

Series : King and Maxwell

Channel : TNT

Plot : Two ex secret service operatives after being kicked out of the force had joined together to run a private detective firm and what series takes us through is the various cases they handle together

A humorous and fun show…. at least it used to be 

It came as a shock to me that a perfectly good series was shown the door after mere 10 episodes and then I remembered somebody saying “life is not fair” and that made me settle down against this injustice. I had read and loved the King and Maxwell series. (Well technically I had only read one book …. Buy hey one was enough for me. )

The series after getting adapted from the book had fortunately kept alive the one thing that made me appreciate the book and that was the wits and the chemistry between the two characters. Fortunately the actors Jon Tenney and Rebecca Romijn had brought life to these two popular fiction characters King and Maxell adored and worshipped by many fiction lovers. As actors both of them just equate each other and bring a whole lot of fun on screen. You start loving each character getting introduced in the series whether they are frequents or rare appearance.

Each episode deals with a new case and gets through it with enough brains and humor to keep you entertained and fall in love with the series.

The only thing was that the very last episode shows us a scope for its re return and then I hear now there is nothing of that sorts happening. So in that case it was a truly unfair because the series was actually pretty good, fun and hilarious..

Guess all good things come to an end. ..

BOoo.. to those who decided that the series was not worthy to live and let all other elements like  kardashians, twerking rule our life….(oooo… that remind me….. when is the kimye wedding coming on tv? )