Book Review : Lamb by Christopher Moore


Book: Lamb

Author: Christopher Moore

Plot : What do you know about Jesus as a child growing up ? about his teen years? about his brothers? nothing ? ?? well fear not because the heaven have just found Jesus’s Best friend Biff… what…you think its funny? …. wait till you read the book

Rating: 4.5/5


This is no meek Lamb.. Definitely not suited for everybody 

The very first page cracks you up and I wonder where this magic in his other book, bloodsucking fiends was but nevertheless this is one heck of a read that you can’t miss out on. You might want to hold your wish to read this book in public because the way you are going to laugh your ass out, people might get you admitted into the nearest mental asylum as a social service
Certain parts were kind of creepy reading how Jesus and his friend would talk like a normal teenagers and while it is fun and entertaining it spooked me at times too

If anybody can mess with god that’s Christopher Moore

All through the book there is not a point where he has left a perfect opportunity to pull the legs of god… he did not even leave Indian Gods for that matter… hilarious and fun all the while.
The book is fun, hilarious but at the same time there is a whole lot of lewd jokes as well and sometimes there are certain things that you would not want to hear from the mouth of Jesus but if you take it in a sporting spirit, this book is a humorous and pretty funny takes on Jesus and his missing years and eventually Crucifixion.

The book may not be to everybody’s liking especially considering the fact that your perception of Christ will never be the same after you read this. The humour at times are dark and certain things does put a dent on your religious beliefs (so if you are very emotional about god.. then stay out) and also there is no dearth of bawdy jokes and languages .. So approach with caution….