Movie Review : Non stop


Movie: Non stop

Starring: Liam Neeson, Julianna Moore

Plot : William is on a flight but this is no ordinary flight because one of the passenger is about to hi jack the plane.

Rating : 3.5/5


The usual Hi jacking movie with very little spice

Non- stop was my pick for a weekend movie night because of Liam Neeson . I have always loved his style and genre of movie and that is why even though it was quite evident from the trailer that this was a usual hi-jack movie, I still wanted to watch it.

The movie goes in a steady flow keeping it interesting but not enough to call it an edge of a seat thriller. The director tries to divert our attention to various characters to maintain the suspense element which necessarily does not work in the right direction as per my view. It  is a bit jerky in terms of plot build up

The movie has all the usual elements that we see in a hi jacking movie, dead pilot, Distressed passengers, survival measures, and eventually lives of people falling into the hands of one man. But then we have seen so many such hostage and hi jacking movies that I don’t think anything is left to surprise us but still yes non-stop has its moments ,  even though with the usual and predictable tactics

I was not a fan of the ending because to me it seemed like a quick wrap up and not a smooth transition like you would expect. The logics used in the end was kind of pointless and incomplete and despite a not so there ending I would still say that for a Liam Neeson fan this still works …may be not In great length

The movie has the usual plots and circumstances tried and tested almost in every other hi jacking movie but still it is kind of watch-able and serves good enough for Liam Neeson fans  even though the plot clearly required work.