Movie review: Struck by lightening


Movie: Struck by Lightening

Starring : Chris Colfer

Plot : Carson Philips has been unsuccessfully running the school newspaper and after hitting the worst of phase he has suddenly found a new way to run his paper and getting articles for the same, Blackmailing.

Rating : 4.5/5



This “coming -of -age” movie is good especially with the sole effort of its main lead actor Chris Colfer with his comic and sarcastic timings throughout the movie and you would love the guy all over again if you have not done yet from his performance in the hit series Glee.

The movie is a good blend of comedy with lots of food for thought as well and when i say comedy it is not raunchy or sexual ones that pass as comedy these days but most of the movie’s comedy comes from intelligent sarcasm and situational ones.

To me, this movie was a good and effective watch that made me laugh and at the end made me reaching for tissues because the movie kind of does that you in the end.

I felt that this is one of those movies which will give you a good time and move you while watching but at the same time will be moved from your  memory chambers as soon as you are through with it.

Watch the movie for a good clean sarcastic humour and for a great performance by chris colfer