Book review : Night Film by Marisha Pessl



Book : Night Film

Author: Marisha Pessl

Plot : Stanislas cordova is one of the most popular at the same time enigmatic figure in hollywood. while a part of society dreads his movie the other part has practically formed a temple out of his movies and his ideologies and to make it even more strange is the fact that no one has seen his face of this acclaimed director and the ones who have seen it never are around to share it .

After years of people speculating that cordova has finally retired from film making, the news of his daughter, Ashley Cordova’s  suicide takes the world into yet another frenzy adding to the strangeness and the mystique  aura stanislas has to him and caught in the middle of all this is a journalist Scott Mcgarth who lost everything once trying to unmask stanislas and now the mystery around Ashley’s death is a chance for him to emerge victorious or loose everything once again.

Rating: 4.5/ 5


Night film: waking you up at night

I had heard so much about this book that I knew I had to read it and have a personal copy to treasure and that is the reason why I waited for its paperback to be available at its right price like a devoted Christian waiting for the return of Christ and the wait turned out to be well paid and that too in double fold for not only the story was gripping from the first page but the whole layout of the book is spectacular .For me personally, the book is a piece of artwork. I love how the story is narrated through visuals and in a very intriguing fashion, making it so exciting and spicy. In my opinion if you wish to read the book then do so in paperback so that you can experience the whole collaboration of graphics and text giving you a hair raiser narration.

What I felt unique about the whole book and concept is that how it helps us to be part of investigation. With all the documents and papers given in its graphical forms the author actually gives us the feel that it is us, the readers who are actually investigating the whole story which according to me is brilliant and clever way to indulge the readers

The book is a gradual growth yet very powerful to stir your brain matters. At the same time it is also a long one and tests your patience and concentration but to be frank the nature and treatment of the book is completely new and in fact in simple terms is “weirdly good” and it kept sending me into state of awe and creepiness simultaneously

Do you know how long is this book ? 700 pages…. !!!!

Did you hear? 700 looooong pages and I m not even sure that bible runs this long ….. But am I complaining ? Of course I m ?  I would not read my school texts because they had 100 Pages to it. But given a second chance would I do this again? HELL YA!!!

Because it is haunting… Intriguing … Intelligent …..crazy and a whole lot of other adjectives all basically saying that it was awesome

The book was like a roller coaster ride that gave you all the thrills and chills in the initial phase but after sometimes, also started giving you headache and left your head spinning so bad that all you wanted was to get out of the ride. As after the initial excitement and flow the things were getting so twisted and creepy that I was gasping for air and not necessarily in the best of way and there was a point where everything stopped making sense and started messing with my brain matter and I m pretty sure I have none left now.