Book : Breathless (elemental #2.5)

Author: Brigid Kemmerer

Plot: Elemental is a series which revolves around the story of four brothers who draws power from the four elements of the world :Earth, water, air and fire and the series follows their quest to adapt to their powers, keeping it under control and not letting the world notice the same

Breathless is a short story about one of the twin brother in the series, Nick

Rating: 3/5


short yet weirdly shocking 

At first i thought i bumped into a different book altogether and this was not one from the elemental series. The shock value was too much for me.

This short book actually focusses on the other twin brother Nick and brings into picture his life and relationship

oh my god halfway through the novel my jaw just dropped not with excitement but kind of that “punch in the stomach” kind of jaw drop…and i was like “good god”…what just happened ?

The plot follows the usual path…simple and smooth yet a lacking life…enter a new character…breathtaking and playing with heart chords on the first sight…relationship complications……solutions and answers…The END.. Bring on the next in line for the series.

this was one book where i could not help laughing out loud with weirdness and yet blushing and giggling for the same reason

no matter what, i love the humour that the author brings to her book. each of her book had some seriously funny lines 

i dont know how to describe this book because for me it was “somebody just threw ice cold water on my face while sleeping ” kind of shocker. But is that good for the book? i dont believe so because theoretically the plot and the developments are predictable and pretty much everything you have heard and seen.. But being barely about 65 cant hurt anybody