Book Review: Spark (elemental#2) by Brigid Kemmerer


Book : Spark (elemental #2)

Author: Brigid Kemmerer

Plot: Elemental is a series which revolves around the story of four brothers who draws power from the four elements of the world :Earth, water, air and fire and the series follows their quest to adapt to their powers, keeping it under control and not letting the world notice the same

Spark is the story of Gabriel (one of the twin brothers in the series)

Rating: 3/5


spark without much spark 

Either reading a series in stretch had taken its toll or Spark did actually loose a bit of spark in over implying the dynamics of bad boy/good girl just fizzled out for me after couple of chapters with cliche dialogue overloads and situations that has been way too common in all new age romance books.i could not even recognize gabriel anymore (on whose life ,the whole book is based upon).maybe i did not even knew gabriel before and may have been creating a large hype for him but no matter what,The book did not stand out for me.

The language and the plot is good enough with twists and turns to make you happy but the thing is that there is a lot of things that are quite predictable and something that you usually read in a high school romance or young adult and in that perspective there is nothing new to the book except the supernatural elements involved.

For somebody who is new to the whole world of paranormal romances especially with a bad boy as lead character,this book would be fun and enjoyable but for somebody who has been devouring this genre for a while now, the book is the same old stale dish which has outrun his course.