Book: Storm (Elemental #1) by Brigid Kemmerer



Book : Storm (elemental #1)

Author: Brigid Kemmerer

Plot: Elemental is a series which revolves around the story of four brothers who draws power from the four elements of the world :Earth, water, air and fire and the series follows their quest to adapt to their powers, keeping it under control and not letting the world notice the same

Rating: 3.5/5


Storm does not create much storm but yes is definitely good 

With this book do not expect it to blow your mind but it pretty much can offer you a decent paranormal young adult read that is filled with everything you probably have heard or seen..

Praise the Almighty for your prayers have been answered and probably for the first time ever I have encountered a book wherein the starting of a book shows the never before in the history of literary works and thus for the first time in my reading Journey,the damsel did not turned out to be in distress and it was the knight in shining armour that got saved by the damsel. (Yup guy got his ass saved by a girl to simply put it into layman terms.) But behold your horses for the one time the girl saves our hero, she gets saved a million times over too. So yeah that looses it’s charm pretty much there

The book actually rides on the usual young adult elements. usual scenarios and dialogues and if you are looking for something that is completely new then you won’t get that but in spite of that it is a good book, I think so because in spite of being somewhat predictable I still found it to be enjoyable.

I kind of did not like the fact that there was no build up for the paranormal stuff. The story flowed very much from the beginning as If we are aware of all the powers, It’s working and the history of the whole family and background and hence there is no gradual build up to it and we have to apply our brains to actually add one and one (using brains??…..bummer !!!)

Surprisingly the male pov is better too though technically you would not be able to distinguish between female pov and male pov partly because the book follows a mixed pov narration and no clear demarkation is there for female narration and male narration and partly because tone for both are kind of same . Not that it hampers the story but thought is something you might want to be prepared for

I love the book because of a whole lot of funny lines 

The book pretty much has everything you have read through all those paranormal romances yet somehow the book still retains a soul of its own to at least give you a nice read provided you are not expecting miracles despicable-me-2-Minion-icon-2