Book Review: Fearless (elemental#1.5) by Brigid Kemmerer



Book : Fearless (elemental #1.5)

Author: Brigid Kemmerer

Plot: Elemental is a series which revolves around the story of four brothers who draws power from the four elements of the world :Earth, water, air and fire and the series follows their quest to adapt to their powers, keeping it under control and not letting the world notice the same

But Fearless is actually the story of a character called “Hunter” who we see being introduced in Storm

Rating: 3/5


you should definitely fear for this book 

Its not a mainstream novel but kind of a spin off from the ” storm “
In storm you get introduced to a character called “Hunter” and fearless is actually a brief glimpse into his childhood or more specifically a particular incident of his life that changed him and the course of his life.

The book can be read as a standalone as well

The story to me was not that interesting as pretty much major chunk was already visible and comprehended while reading “storm” (its prequel). yes some of the blurriness regarding the character get cleared up but do not expect miracles as somehow the book still follows the trend that is found in the rest of the series, a lot of unanswered questions.

To me personally the book did not hold much power as the book does not answers the major questions revolving around the character Hunter, considering the book is actually dedicated to reveal the character in full mode . The book is short and can be read as a standalone too