Movie Review : Easy A


Movie: Easy A

Starring : Emma Stone, Amanda Bynes, Penn Bagdley

Plot : Easy A is inspired and a comical take on the classic book The Scarlet Letter and tells the story of a girl trying to get through college among its hidden turmoil

Rating : 5/5


Easy breezy and Fun

To me reviewing Easy A would be like sitting down to review Godfather. I mean how could you possibly put down an opinion of a movie that has practically become a cult. Ok maybe not a cult and it was my wishful thinking but the fact remains that this movie has outdone itself at so many levels that I am yet to come across somebody who hated this. Some maybe a diehard fan like in this case me and some who found it to be good enough but none whatsoever that hated it. (Wait was that even grammatically correct sentence… maybe not…but you get the point…right?)

Easy A brings in a very modern and comic approach to “the Scarlet letter” book (at least from what I perceive). What is good about the movie is the main actress itself, Emma Stone. This whole movie stands tall on the petite shoulders of Emma and she has done a beautiful job in bringing out all the colors of the character.

The comic timing is perfect and it is not your stale physical comedy but actually witty comments that bring a laugh on your face. Each line is delivered perfectly and is a rib tickler (at least for me it was). Dialogues are brilliant and so is the whole flow and approach of the movie.

The movie does touch sad notes in between but otherwise keeps you laughing all through the movie and if you have not heard about this movie then you should check it out today itself and if you have heard and watched then why not do it one more time for that old good times sake.

The movie is a teen genre, without the usual gross scenes and dialogues that comes attached with teen movies (ok maybe there are couple of them …but those are the ones that will make you laugh the most)

…so go on..beg, borrow or steal ….whatever you have to do…but do watch this one.

To make your decision easy (pun intended) …here are some of the dialogues that made me laugh so hard that i think a little pee came out 😉