Book Review: The Finisher by David Baldacci


Book : The Finisher

Author : David Baldacci

Plot: Wormwood is a place that is closely bound and protected severely. Vega Jane has always been told that wormwood was the only place in the whole world and there is no other place outside of it except for vast lands dominated by beasts. But somehow she knows that this is not the whole truth and there is something that lies hidden underneath this overly protected world of wormwood but to know these secrets she might end up loosing every belief, relations she has ever known.

Rating : 4/5


The finisher that did not finish

David Baldacci is undoubtedly one of the best authors we have around with each work a splendid affair than the previous one and that’s the reason why I picked up a book by simply seeing his name on the cover without even reading the synopsis or the book title. Yes it was apparent from the cover that the book was going to be a young adult or fantasy genre and way out of the usual David Baldacci work. For me he is one of the authors that can sell his book to me based on his name itself.

The finisher started with a shock for me because the language, the setting, the plot everything was messing with my brain. I was actually about to cry about the lack of brain I applied in buying the book because for starters I was finding the language slippery enough to get a hold on the book and then having to visualize a very unique world with different creatures and dialect and terminologies was kind of taking away my patience and this continued around for two chapters and then slowly and gradually things started to make sense and getting comfortable.

The finisher will be like a new alien world that you have entered where everything around you is confusing and hazy but then after you spend couple of hours, you start to get comfortable and accustomed to everything and then this becomes your whole new world meaning that once you start reading and keep going you will be totally hooked on to the book and the whole world of wormwood and their cultures and people which shows the efficiency of the author. Undoubtedly I can put my trust on a David Baldacci book again

The book to ease you with this new world of wormwood, has few illustrations especially of certain creatures mentioned in the book to support your imaginations and author’s narration as if the author decided that it is better to show us than explain what the creature looks like which is actually nice and helpful.

The bright days gets over after a while because to me personally, in spite of the story being kept spicier and in motion was at times, also lengthy and maybe that’s why the end half of it was not something that awestruck me but was something I could predict. The end leaves scope for future work and I m not sure whether I will go for its second part if at all it comes out

Ironically for a book named as the finisher, the end is not finished at all 😉

The finisher would be a mixed bag for me

The book kind of requires patience and work in the beginning because the whole world, characters, creatures and even the dialect are all different and totally alien and it needs to be slowly imbibed but once done that the book gradually generates interest and fortunately has a good pace and intrigue level but the fact also remains that it is kind of lengthy too. It would be a good read and cashes on what makes David Baldacci books popular.